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Feeling (Re)Brand New

Let’s play a round of: Is it Time to Rebrand? PLUS Mailchimp perks you may be missing.

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6 Reasons It’s Time for a Rebrand

It can be a hard decision to change a brand’s imagery or identity. There are times that it’s not worth losing the brand equity you already have, but there are other times that the new look or feel is warmly welcomed. So how do you know it’s time? Let’s start with a few questions:

  • Have you grown?
  • How does your branding feel?
  • Does your brand stand out?

The top 6 reasons to reband:

  1. Your offerings have changed. If your current branding puts you in one lane, but you are operating in others, it might be time to update your logo to reflect your new offerings.
  2. You want your business to be evergreen. Great branding can be tested with time. Does your branding have an enduring image of your business?
  3. Your logo feels outdated. On the topic of withstanding time, logos are often made with contemporary design trends and it can age your brand quickly. Focus on modernizing your logo strategically while being careful not to just trade in yesterday’s trends for today’s.
  4. Your branding doesn’t stand out. Industries can often follow each other’s leads for color, typography, and style. You should think about redesigning if you look like everyone else in the pack.
  5. You’re struggling to attract new customers. Sometimes it takes a rebrand to find new audiences that have pre-judged your old branding. Just be sure that your current customers still know where to find you by communicating your rebrand to them.
  6. You serve a different geographic area. If your audience has grown, you may need to review your branding from a broader lens (i.e. regionally, nationally, or even internationally).

Check out the full post by Vistaprint for more examples and rebranding tips!

Q for You

According to the Emoji Trend Report, these are the most used emojis:

What’s your most-used emoji?

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