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6 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Pitch

Pitches come in all shapes in sizes — Elevator pitches, casual demonstrations, formal presentations, and everything in between. But no matter the format, pitches should be concise, persuasive, and attention-grabbing.

MasterClass tapped Daniel Pink, a best-selling author on social sciences and persuasion, to give his best tips for pitches. So before you prepare for your next pitch meeting, make sure to try these 6 things.

  1. Make it as collaborative as possible: Many pitches fail because they were treated as one-sided throws to anyone. Ask questions, analyze needs with a client, and pivot accordingly.
  2. You still need sales techniques: Use all of the key elements of good sales techniques in your arsenal to craft a winning sales pitch. The typical steps are finding common ground with the buyer, qualifying their needs, demonstrating how their interests are served, and then diminishing any doubts with your services.
  3. Use persuasive framing: Persuasive framing allows you to contextualize a sale on the terms you set and there are three popular frameworks to consider. The experience frame draws on valuing experiences over services. The potential frame embraces how potential is often more persuasive than current performance. The loss frame contextualizes what the buyer stands to lose.
  4. Try out a question pitch: A question pitch is a pitch that uses a powerful interrogative rather than a declarative statement. The response provides an effective way to start a conversation around your product or service.
  5. Try a rhyming pitch: Despite seeming silly or outdated, a rhyming pitch is something that can stick in someone’s mind. It doesn’t have to be the star headline of a pitch, but an occasional rhyme can be effective.
  6. Embrace improvisation: Having open dialogue is the best approach overall because it makes the pitch comfortable and collaborative. When both parties ask questions, use responses as connectors.

Check out the full MasterClass article for more pitch tips and communication advice.

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So if you need some inspiration to get your pitch decks in tip top shape, why not check out got startups their start? PitchDeckHunt created a collection of 150+ pitch decks from industry-leading startups all around the world. This includes Uber, LinkedIn, Square…even Fyre Festival’s deck (it did raise $27M after all). Check it out for inspo or out of curiosity. They add new decks weekly!

A Prize in Every Box!

PERIOD. is a nonprofit that works to increase access to period products for women. They found a little loophole when it comes to getting assistance –– Loopholes cereal. It’s a food item to qualify for food assistance but has tampon and pad prizes inside, since those items aren’t covered.

They are sure to include this disclaimer on

Loopholes Cereal is a FAKE brand meant to raise awareness of the very real problem of Period Poverty.
The use of SNAP is meant to call out a lack of federal support, not that SNAP should be the program responsible for coverage of menstrual products.

Ads from the Past

1969, Flintstones Vitamins by One A Day


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