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Fix Instagram Bio Hazards

Write better bios for business and an Instagram profile analysis tool.

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What is most important when writing an Instagram bio for a business?

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How to Write The Perfect Instagram Bio For Your Business

When is the last time you saw a magician perform some magic tricks? Whether or not you were blown away, you likely knew there was some sleight of hand involved – something working in the background to bring the trick together.

While an Instagram feed is the grand spectacle of social media, the bio is the sleight of hand that makes a tremendous difference. AdEspresso is showing us how to write the perfect Instagram bio for your business so your profile will work like a charm for driving the results you want.

  • Think About Your Target Audience. Your Instagram account will convey your message to your entire audience – not just a hyper-targeted segment. If you have a varied audience, be sure not to lose anyone in your messaging. If your audience is more focused, then address their interests.
  • Define Your Value Proposition. What is your unique offering? Don’t focus on a product. Define why you’re the #1 choice for your target audience for what you do. If another business can accurately claim the same value proposition as yours, then you need to reassess what makes your offering unique.
  • Decide What Action You Want To Optimize For. Make clear what you want people to do. If you want them to purchase products, then tell them to browse your shop. If you’re after newsletter subscribers, then direct them to your newsletter landing page.
  • Include a Branded Hashtag and Sister Accounts. Show people how to tag you by including your branded hashtag in your bio. Also, include links to your sister accounts if applicable.
  • Make Use of Emojis. While your character count is limited to 150 in your bio, emojis are an effective workaround for remaining concise while getting your full message across. There are tons of emojis out there, so odds are one or two of them can save you some characters. Try using emojis to bring attention to your CTA.

Check out the rest of the tips and the examples alongside them.

Instagramer Profile Analyzer

Coming up with an Instagram strategy is easier when you can reference other proven strategies. Instagramer Profile Analyzer gives you a simple profile breakdown for any public account so you can learn from others.

Enter in the Instagram handle for an account and get a thorough breakdown of post activity. This includes most used hashtags, top captioned words, user interests, and even most frequent posting times.

Make It Unregiftable

When it comes to giving gifts, it really is the thought that counts. So when someone gives you a candle you can’t stand the scent of, or if your parents gift you a mere avocado: a simple “thank you” is always nice.

Vistaprint brings this ad showing off some gifts that can’t possibly be pawned off on others. Sure, it’s easy to regift that aforementioned candle to someone who will love it even more. But a family portrait printed on a shirt? That’s for you, and you only.

Ads from the Past

1951, Tide

“Never doubt a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead


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