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For all the Social Butterflies

Streamline your social media and see what IKEA is up to when it comes to relatable furniture.

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Streamline Your Social Media Management

Good social media marketing takes a lot of work, time and manpower. But what if it didnt have to be that way? What if we could optimize everything and create an automated, well-oiled social media machine?

To help you to reach your social media goals without losing your mind, Mention has put together this short guide: Streamline Your Social Media Management.

Uncover in the guide:

  • What is a social media workflow? The basic elements to reflect on, and questions to ask yourself when designing your workflow.
  • Optimization Stage #1: Ideation and research: Tried and tested creativity hacks to keep ideas flowing.
  • Optimization Stage #2: Planning and scheduling: Taking advantage of automation and social media publishing tools to save time and energy.
  • Optimization Stage #3: Team roles and responsibilities: Best practices for communication and delegation within your social media team.
  • Optimization Stage #4: Measure for success: Knowing what success on social media looks like for you, and staying accountable to your goals.

Be the first to get your hands on this free guide, and save yourself (and your team) hours of precious time.

Q for You

Which social platform has the best organic engagement for you these days?


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IKEA by the Numbers

IKEA is so popular worldwide, that it has some highly probable stats to share …

  • 1 out of 10 Europeans were conceived on an IKEA bed.
  • 6 out of 10 fight when they assemble a piece.
  • 10 out of 10 use that iconic blue bag in a unique way.

It’s a charming ad that touts IKEA’s popularity with relatable experiences for anyone who has shopped its goods.

Ads from the Past

1930, Butterfly Pipes


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