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Segment and personalize your emails.

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🦉 Duolingo reports that its investment in AI is paying off.

😶‍🌫️ Study: The brain’s social systems are less active on Zoom calls than IRL.

🤖 A case for (and against) virtual influencer marketing.

🥯 Thomas (the English muffin brand) has its first ever brand character, Thom.

😩 Sigh. Now Instagram says posting longer Reels can hurt your distribution.

AI Prompt: A person falling asleep in front of the computer

Know Your Audience: Avian & Saurian Edition

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Standing desks are for the birds. (Or are they?) Check out the difference between these two approaches…

Know Your Audience: Avian & Saurian Edition

When you don’t understand and segment your audience, you’re diluting the value of your product and are resorting to deep discounts to get attention.

But when you segment your audience and personalize your messaging, you’ve enhanced the value of your product and sold it based on persuasive benefits your audience cares about.

Check out the Carney blog to apply the same principle to an over-arching campaign (with dinos). 🦖🦕

Q for You

How likely are you to leverage virtual influencers for your brand(s)?

For You ❤️

Y2K TechICYMI, here’s what we’ve been talking about on the ‘Tok:


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Another day, another dull remote meeting full of talking heads.

Boom is a MacOS camera app that makes video calls more engaging with fun UI, branded designs and overlays, camera presets, muted notifications, reaction GIFs, screen-share magnification, and more.

Boom MacOS app


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Your Boss is a Dick, or a Rick, or a Richard

E.l.f. Beauty would like you to know that there are nearly as many men named Richard, Rick or Dick as women from diverse groups on U.S. corporate boards.

The brand’s “So Many Dicks” OOH and social campaign is an effort to increase representation.

E.l.f. "So Many Dicks"

It’s a mission that E.l.f. lives and breathes as of one only four U.S. publicly traded companies with a board comprised of two-thirds women and one-third diverse employees.

To whoever pulled the hero stat for this campaign: you rule.

Ads from the Past

Stetson, 1949

Stetson, 1949


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