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Diversify your blog traffic.

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💀 Ok, now Twitter is officially dead.

💸 A running list of major retail bankruptcies.

🧑‍💻 Here are 38 web design terms you should know.

😎 A crowdsourced list of the best marketing influencers.

➡️ Instagram says share rate is an important driver of reach.

🦝 Slack has been using user data to train AI (yes, without permission).

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Diversify Your Blog Traffic

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It’s been a turbulent year so far for bloggers. As Google core updates and SERP shakeups continue, it’s critical that content creators diversity their traffic sources in 2024. Here are some viable options:

  • Microsoft Bing. Submit your site to Bing Webmaster Tools, set up a sitemap, and take advantage of IndexNow real-time indexing. (Hint: This is built into Yoast, RankMath and AIO by default).
  • Pinterest traffic. Pinterest is the third fastest-growing platform and can send considerable traffic to blogs. Take a Pinterest course or work with an expert to invest in Pinterest as a monthly priority.
  • Facebook traffic. It’s the third most-visited site behind Google and YouTube. Over two-thirds of all monthly users are online daily. Commit to understanding the algorithm and creating a strategy to exploit it.
  • Instagram traffic. Instagram is still your top choice if your target is between 18 and 34 years old. Optimize Stories and Reels to boost engagement with Gen Z and millennials.
  • Reddit traffic. Reddit has benefitted from Google updates and recently introduced Reddit Pro BETA. Sign up to try additional tools for understanding where and how to communicate on the platform.
  • YouTube traffic. Bloggers can’t ignore a potential ad reach of 2.49 billion users and over 100 million paid users on YouTube.

Check out Search Engine Land for more strategies to recover traffic.

Q for You

Meta announced it will begin sunsetting Facebook Workplace next year. Do you use Workplace?


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Amazon Ads Envy


Raise your hand if you feel a twinge (or a crushing wave) of envy when the work of a competitor (or a nemesis) gets featured in AdAge.

And if that competitor works with Amazon Ads, then the creative is virtually inescapable—from Prime Video spots to home deliveries and across the entire Amazon ecosystem.

Amazon Ads’ new spot is a wink from marketers to marketers.

Ads from the Past

Excedrin, 1981

Excedrin, 1981


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