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How’s your following?

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Get More Instagram Followers

How would you like to gain over 1k followers per week on Instagram? That’d be solid, right?

Neil Patel recently published an extensive post on how he “gains 1,260 Instagram followers per week.”

We’re certainly not guaranteeing 1k followers per week, but there are some great takeaways worth sharing.

Check ’em out.

  • Publish Long Videos: Video is important. You know that already. If you’re looking to see an uptick on your IG profile, consider adding long-form videos to your content strategy. Not 60-seconds long, minutes long. You’ll need to use IGTV, but that’s exactly what Instagram wants. Action item: upload a long video to IGTV and select the ‘post to preview’ option. Instagram will post the first 60 seconds on your feed and push the viewer over to IGTV. You should see a serious boost in engagement.
  • Ask for Likes: If folks are liking and engaging with your post, IG will show it to more people. #AlgorithmLife. Sometimes, you just gotta ask for a like. Action item: Include a “Double Tap” CTA in your post (the actual photo). Use this tactic sparingly.
  • Post More Stories: It’s easy to become inconsistent on Instagram. IG likes to see stories posted every day. Action item: Use a combination of photos and videos and try to consistently post upwards of 10 stories per day.

Check out more of Neil’s tips below.

Erase It

Sorry Android folks, today’s tool is only available for iOS.

It’s called BG Eraser.

It uses AI to erase backgrounds, change object colors, and much more.

Give it a try below.


What would you do for love? Or in this case, some Lacoste gear?

Check out Lacoste’s new ad spot in which ‘heroes seek the inner strength to overcome adversity.’

The production value is on point.

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