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Understanding the Facebook Algorithm in 2021: Ranking Signals and Tips

We’re well into 2021, so hopefully, y’all aren’t still writing 2020 in your document titles and correspondences. There’s always a period of adjustment with the turn of a calendar page or even a menu change at your local Starbucks. With a little due diligence, we come out on top stronger and more capable than before. (At least that’s what we tell ourselves.)

Just about anything digital will see its fair share of changes. While a redesign of a website you frequent might throw you for a curve initially, it probably won’t impact your day-to-day too severely. However, a Facebook algorithm change is worth keeping on top of. AdEspresso is here to help you understand the Facebook algorithm in 2021.

Facebook’s algorithm uses two major ranking signals: passive and active. While Facebook owns its algorithm and you don’t get to control how it works, you have some degree of control when it comes to these ranking signals.

Passive signals encompass things like view time, story type, and time posted.
Active signals include engagement measures such as likes, shares, and comments. Active signals are stronger than passive since Facebook’s concern is serving up content they believe users will want to engage with.

Let’s jump into some tips to help the algorithm work in your favor.

Get your audience to engage with each other. Think about how you would get conversations started anywhere. Your post should interest and entice your audience to weigh in on a relevant subject. Facebook uses “action-bumping logic” and will promote posts with lots of discussions.
Time your posts right. Facebook tends to favor recency in the posts it displays. After all, why surface something from a month ago when there are new topics and discussions today? To gain an edge, look to your analytics for your optimal posting time and use it to your advantage.
Get on the Favorites list. You may not realize it, but Facebook allows every user a Favorites list where they can select Pages they would like to see more of in their feed. This is like getting into your audience’s VIP area. Keep posting quality content and you’ll have greater success in reaching audience members who have added you to their Favorites.

There’s a whole lot more than we could cover, so don’t miss the rest.

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