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Calling All MissFits

Hey Carnage fam, we are over 👏 the moon 👏 excited to introduce MissFits to y’all! In case ya haven’t heard, the women at Carney just launched a community called MissFits that celebrates the professional evolution of women! 💪

135 phenomenal women already joined our community and we just want to shout it from the rooftops! Everyone who joins will receive a free eBook on 3.8.19 – International Women’s Day. 🍾

What’s in the eBook? Get advice from Ann Handley, Jaymie Tarshis, Victoria Ekwenuke, and so many more leaders in the marketing industry. They spill the beans on hardships they faced, what excites them most about marketing, and speak on how failure is actually a good thing.

Check us out on IG to see what we’re all about.


Gloria, Maggie & Jennie

Get Better at Content Creation

Calling all content creators and those who manage content creators…

Part of being successful in any position involves constantly sharpening your skills. Technology is moving too fast to play the ‘set it and forget it’ game.

A great way to stay sharp is to develop habits. And yes, habits can be adopted for better content creation.

Here they are:

  1. Read: If you’re putting out relevant and up to date content, you need to have your ear to the ground. It’s crucial to know what’s going on in your industry in order to relate to your audience.
  2. Write: Wanna get better at writing? Write more. Carve out 15-20min a day and write free form. There are a ton of resources on the interwebs. One of our personal favorites is On Writing‘ by Stephen King.
  3. Study: It’s critical to know your audience inside and out. How old are they? What makes them tick? What’s their job title? Take time to consistently learn about your audience.
  4. Be You: You’re not the only one producing content within your industry. Folks can find information anywhere. The goal is to offer a unique voice to keep them coming back.
  5. Know Your KPIs: Don’t overlook this one. It’s important to know why you’re creating the content (you’re creating).

Check out a few more below.

The Idea Generator

Need some content ideas? ‘Answer the Public’ could be your new best friend. This slick web-based app aggregates data from Google and Bing with an easily digestible visual of what your audience is actually searching for.

The tool allows for a few free searches throughout the day, so use them sparingly.

What we like: All of the things including the ability to export the data as a csv.

What we don’t like: So far, so good.

Wings Anyone?

We’re spicing up the watch today (literally). Have you ever heard of ‘Hot Ones?’ It’s a YouTube series produced by First We Feast. The basic premise revolves around a celebrity being interviewed while eating varying levels of hot wings.

There are a ton of episodes to watch. We highly recommend.

Ads from the Past

Ahh, simpler times. The Bell Telephone System circa 1954.


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