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Content inspiration, volunteer opportunities, and a message from Reeses.

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17 Untapped Ways to Find New Content Ideas

Creating content is a never-ending process for marketers. Content carries your meticulously crafted message and captivates audiences. Searching for content ideas is a large part of creating it.

Many of us have our go-to sources for content, but finding a few more is always helpful. Today, Backlinko is reviewing 17 untapped ways to find new content ideas.

  1. Use Google Image Tags. At the top of an image search, there’s a row of words related to the word you searched. Related words often mean related topics. Incorporate these into your topics by combining them with your overarching topic.
  2. Facebook Ad Library. Check out the Facebook Ads your competitors are running with a quick search. Focus in on paid ads for the content they’ve published. It’s quite likely this content is generating great results or else they wouldn’t pay for its promotion. Take note of what sets the content apart and what words and phrases are used in its promotion.
  3. Scan Blog Comments. Sometimes the search volume of a keyword doesn’t meet the level of popularity you’d want when piecing together new content. But don’t discount the keyword just yet. Take another look at what your readers are commenting on your blog. If they’re asking over and over for a piece of content, then don’t ignore them.
  4. Product Hunt. Head over to Product Hunt and find the top products of the day, week, and month. But rather than just writing about those products, write about the problems those products solve. You’ll tap right into some serious pain points.

Did you find these helpful? This is only the beginning, so check out the rest.

The Reddit Keyword Research Tool

Reddit is the forum of all forums. There’s a reason it’s called “The Front Page of the Internet.” Almost anything you can think of discussing has been discussed here. If you know where to search, you can uncover some serious insights, and the Reddit Keyword Research Tool can accelerate your insight discovery.

Start with a subreddit your audience is engaged with. When you enter the name of the subreddit into the Reddit Keyword Research Tool, it spits out the most popular keywords users are talking about. You’ll find a list of keywords with monthly search volumes. A “Context” button further allows you to view the keywords as Google Search results would appear.

Pretty cool, right?

Do you make a hobby out of giving back to your community? Volunteering makes a tremendous impact on many peoples’ lives.

Although onsite volunteer opportunities may have been quelled, there are plenty of virtual volunteer opportunities available.

Find the right one for you!

This is not a message from the Reese Society

Subliminal messages in marketing are very real and can have great impact for better or for worse. Some movie theaters used to splice in a single frame of popcorn or other concessions into a movie so viewers might buy some for themselves. So subliminal you may not process it completely.

This ad from Reese Canada is not so subliminal. The reverse psychology employed leads us to an obvious CTA while actively discouraging it. It’s definitely sure to leave you wanting a peanut butter cup.

Ads from the Past

1985, Reese’s

“Create something people want to share.”

John Jantsch


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