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Google vs. YouTube & the luck of the Irish.

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Video SEO: Ranking on Google vs. Ranking on YouTube

YouTube and Google are two cornerstones of the internet. Like Venus and Serena Williams, these search engines dominate the court. They both fall under the Alphabet umbrella and they bear many similarities, but there are some differences to take into account as well. Google serves to answer your questions, whatever they may be. YouTube serves to show you videos. The crossover occurs when Google determines a video is the best way to answer your question. Today, Databox is running through ranking on Google vs. YouTube.

If your goal from the outset is to create a video that ranks on Google and YouTube, then your target keyword will make a big impact. Look for a keyword that ranks highly on both search engines and sees between 100 and 2,000 searches per month. You can also find keywords you currently rank for on Google and turn your existing content/answer into a video.

Now let’s dive into some ranking strategies for YouTube and Google.

Ranking videos on YouTube

  • Make it long enough. Shoot for at least 10 minutes, then adjust until you find your sweet spot. Your watch time will signal to YouTube how much time people are spending on your videos. Higher watch time signals quality content.
  • Use video tags. Take a look at the tags used in the videos currently ranking highest for the keyword you’re targeting. Use those tags for your own video to help your video show up in the related videos sidebar.

Ranking videos on Google

  • Write longer descriptions. Your descriptions can easily give you the SEO boost you need. Treat them like blog posts for your videos. Providing more context and information for your content will give Google what it needs to rank you higher.
  • Take advantage of other video platforms. YouTube is the most competitive video platform, so post your videos on multiple platforms. Google has to show results from competing video platforms, so this can only help you get a leg up.

Read on for more.

Q for You

Do you think your audience utilizes Google or YouTube to learn about a new topic?


Every once in a while we’re all at a loss for words. Like when you try to describe a dream to someone, but you just end up sounding insane until you resort to the inevitable, “I don’t know how to describe it.” While your dreams may forever be a mystery, Rapidtags gives you all the words you need to describe your YouTube videos with tags.

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A four-leaf clover is a rarity fabled to bring good fortune to its finder. But you don’t need to dig around in the weeds to find one because they’re all around you.

A comfy pair of shoes supporting the spring in your step as you move about your day could be your four-leaf clover. Maybe it’s your cup of coffee that allows you to fly through the unread emails in your inbox.

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Jameson SPTO

Who has a special celebration planned for Saint Patrick’s Day? Unfortunately, since it’s only Wednesday you’ll have to wait until 5:00 PM to get started. That is unless you have SPTO.

Jameson brings us a new proposition in this ad for a special kind of PTO: Saint Patrick’s Time Off. It sure has a nice ring to it. Then again, time off always does.

Ads from the Past

1935, Guinness

“Imagine if we were all magical leprechauns, and every wish ever made on a four-leaf clover obliged us to help others obtain their wishes. Now imagine if people simply lived like this were true.”

Richelle E. Goodrich


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