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Golden Eggs

Is your blog a golden egg? We sure hope so!

Getting Started With Messenger Marketing

Here’s something that got our brains turning today:

The traditional landing page is not optimized for mobile. Even if your landing page is “mobile friendly,” it’s still gonna perform worse than the desktop version.

So what the heck are you supposed to do about that? Just ignore mobile altogether? That seems like the simple answer, but in this case, the easy answer is the wrong one.

Instead, you need a tool that’s designed for mobile. You need Facebook Messenger. Believe it or not, your Facebook Messenger can work just like a traditional landing page by collecting information. The difference is, Messenger’s conversion rate is 250% higher than a mobile-friendly landing page.

You can’t hate on numbers like that. Might be time for you to get on the hype train in today’s Listen. Choo choo.

Listen in as Growth Marketing Toolbox and @Mssg talk about Facebook Messenger….

  • (01:40) The world is going mobile and the tools you’re using for desktop, like in-depth product pages and email, don’t work the same.
  • (02:06) Landing pages on mobile phones convert much worse than the desktop version. That doesn’t mean you should ignore phones, it just means you need a different strategy.
  • (04:07) Automated Facebook Messenger chats can make up for lost conversions on mobile.
  • (06:00) Unlike a traditional landing page, Messenger can collect partial data, even if the user doesn’t fully complete the form.
  • (06:44) Messenger is not going to kill email. It’s just not. But, it is great for the initial conversation.
  • (10:00) Remember, you don’t own your Messenger list. Facebook does.
  • (13:02) In a test, @Mssg found that sending users to a Facebook Messenger chat, instead of a website landing page, increased conversions by 250%
  • (15:50) Messenger chat does not need a live person answering questions 24/7. You might just need someone for a few hours a day.
  • (17:20) Facebook just released a new feature that integrates Facebook Messenger onto your website. For freeeeeee!

Lotta insight in this one. Give it a listen during lunch →

Is Your Blog a Golden Egg?

Anyone and everyone has a blog nowadays. Industries are so over-saturated with blogging that standing out takes a considerable amount of work.

It’s a good thing we have CMI in our back pockets. Their team’s biggest advice for blogging? Be genuinely unique. But that can be easier said than done. CMI gave us a hefty to-do list so let’s just get right to the good stuff.

Talk differently. Create a consistently unique brand voice that stands out from everyone else in your industry. How?

  1. Do some competitor analysis. Find the top 10 to 20 brand blogs in your industry and pop them into a spreadsheet. This step helps with the practical differentiation.
  2. Write down 3 to 5 adjectives that best describe the tone of voice of each brand. Is it hip? Playful? Sophisticated? Cheeky?
  3. Describe the “person” speaking – gender, age, job title, and personality traits. Personify your competitors’ brands before you create your own.
  4. Note the commonalities across the group.

Format and structure your content uniquely. Is everyone in your industry writing 500-word listicles? Then why not consistently create 2,500-word value-packed pieces? Or reveal your lessons in the form of a 200 word gripping stories, not lists.

  1. Use your spreadsheet of competitor blogs and insert a new column for notes about their structure and formatting style. Make notes. Identify commonalities.
  2. When looking at others, is there anything unique and powerful that you could pull into your content
  3. Be creative. Come up with your distinct formatting style and structure.

Go niche – real niche. If you want to compete with all the big businesses and blogs, then honing a niche or micro-niche is not to be scoffed at.

  1. Ask your customers what one area of business or life (that relates to your service or product) they have the most trouble with.
  2. Hone in on that one problem area and make it the core focus of your blog.
  3. Research that area extensively, build relationships with other influencers in the sphere (if any), practice what you preach, and really master the subject. Then share that mastery.

Smash the button for the last two tips!

Take Card Payments

Ya know that gizmo connected to the doohickey and starts the doodad so we can use that thing-ummy-bob.

You know what we’re talking about right? We’re talking about the hard-working people in today’s Watch, obviously.

Square is giving mom and pop shops a chance to compete with the bigger players. In this short commercial, we are taken through several facets of good ol’ fashioned entrepreneurship. From bakers to contractors, Square offers the ability to accept card payments regardless of a business’s size.

Why this works:

  • Problem solved: Square provides a solution with simple to use tools so small businesses can compete in today’s economy. This is said visually and vocally up front.
  • Tasteful: The commercial features familiar faces doing the gritty work with a nostalgia-vibe type of music.

“Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.”

David Beebe

Ads from the Past


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