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🍔 Chili’s is responding to fast-food-inflation frustrations with a new Big Mac dupe.

🏀 Caitlin Clark is a shot in the arm of women’s sports marketing.

💸 Amazon, Apple, and Oracle are rumored to be potential TikTok buyers if ByteDance is forced to sell.

❌ Take a look at the new, stripped-down UI coming to X.

✨ On the rise of rewatch podcasts and nostalgia bait.

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The Four Cs of Marketing-AI Opportunity

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Only 10–14% of companies consistently deploy generative AI in their marketing and sales initiatives. Are you leaving these opportunity areas on the table?

  1. Customization. Consumers expect authentic experiences that are tailored to their unique preferences. Generative AI enables marketers to deliver this at an unprecedented scale, from individualized creative to voice translation and chatbot service.
  2. Creativity. A recent study found that ChatGPT4 surpassed the creativity of elite university students in new product ideation; the majority of the standout ideas were generated by AI. But generative AI tools are more successful when they empower artists to think out-of-the-box.
  3. Connectivity. Generative AI facilitates consumer-to-consumer interactions and empowers consumers to have a more active role in brand narratives. New tools allow every consumer to be a designer, a storyteller, and an influencer, allowing for powerful co-creating experiences.
  4. Cost of Cognition. Generative AI can significantly reduce the cost of intelligence. By employing AI, marketers can achieve significantly more, at a fraction of the time and cost.

Next, take a look at the 4 Cs of Marketing-AI risk at Harvard Business Review.

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Gopuff 2024

Gopuff Goes Big

Snack delivery service Gopuff has launched its largest national campaign to date.

“Bring The Magic” is a multi-channel effort to establish GoPuff as a natural enhancement to everyday life, with a rather dramatic hero film to set the tone.

Ads from the Past

McDonald's, 1979

McDonald’s, 1979


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