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In-game ads are in. Influencer trips are out.

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Why you should be running in-game ads

Last year, ~227 million people in the US played video games and 46% of those were women. Game revenues are projected to reach $285 billion by 2027. In-game ad (IGA) campaigns are a huge opportunity for brands looking to expand marketing campaigns outside their normal scope, become more visible on low-competition platforms, or reach super niche audiences.

Types of in-game ads (IGA):

  • Static: ads that can’t be changed after a game release. Example: a video-game character’s branded t-shirt.
  • Dynamic: ads that can be changed even after the game is released. Example: a billboard in a driving game that advertises new movie releases.
  • Advergaming: a game built as an advertisement. Example: “Chipotle Scarecrow.”


  • Reach: Gamers represent a large segment of the population and, currently, in-game ads are more cost-effective than other forms of marketing.
  • Viewability: In-play ads, like banners, display during the entire length of the game. Interstitials or rewarded ads play during breaks. Ad tech companies are hard at work making these spots hyper-measurable.
  • Engagement: A report from Tapjoy found that 64% of consumers are more likely to engage with a retail in-app reward ad than a social media post.
  • Brand Safety: Advertisers can customize game genre and placements. Additionally, ad whitelists prevent ads from appearing in inappropriate environments.

Sold on IGA? Head over to Search Engine Land to learn more about targeting and KPIs.

In-Game Ads


Q for You

How do you feel about TikTok's secret "heating" feature, which allows TikTok employees to boost the virality of posts?

GameRefinery Player Motivations & Archetypes

We think GameRefinery’s motivational dataset and gamer archetype guide is a powerful resource for advertisers, not just game developers. When you’re determining an audience for your in-game ads, it’s important to understand a gamer’s primary motivations. And what marketer doesn’t love a good buyer persona?

GameRefinery Motivations and Archetypes

Don't Trip

Last week, TikTok lit up with criticism after a group of popular beauty influencers documented their extravagant trip to Dubai sponsored by Tarte Cosmetics (#TrippinWithTarte). But why?

Millennials are no stranger to the Branded Influencer Trip as a genre, which flourished on YouTube in the ’10s. But, as it turns out, flagrant displays of excess don’t resonate with Gen Z consumers in quite the same way — who are quick to remind us that climate change, economic recession, and social responsibility weigh heavily on optics.

Concurrently, TikTok beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylajmakeup) is embroiled in her own controversy. The #LorealParisPartner appeared to misrepresent the results of L’Oreal Telescopic Lift mascara in a video, allegedly cutting away to add false lashes to her look. This prompted a swift and unforgiving response from viewers, with the much-maligned Jeffree Star apparently coming out of retirement in the name of giving honest reviews.

These debacles beg the question: With layoffs and inflation looming large, are we finally growing tired of influencer culture altogether? Are the branded experiences, fraudulent reviews, and mountain-high detritus of PR packages starting to ring more tone-deaf by the day?

Perhaps. But, at least for now, influencer marketing is expected to grow 14.5% in 2023, according to MarTech. Take Q1 as a case study in treading respectfully to stay in favor with an especially discerning Gen Z.

And if you need help navigating… all of this *gestures wildly,* reach out to Carney. We love helping brands strike the right chord.

Lexus Feel at Home

Riding Shotgun

A stray cat climbs into the open window of a businessman’s Lexus. You know the rest. It’s a tender strangers-to-friends spot about the power of a Lexus to make you feel at home. More importantly, it’s the cutest cat actor we’ve ever seen.

Ads from the Past

Atari 1981

Atari, 1981


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