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Google Says “Moo”

Google & cows, a match made in heaven?

Hey fam! Have we got newwwwws for you. The Daily Carnage is goin’ all out on April 13th 2018, as we put on our first marketing conference, the Yearly Carnage! (See what we did there?)

Just like our newsletter, the Yearly Carnage is going to be packed with actionable advice. No head-in-the-clouds marketing here.

Our speaker lineup is stacked with ad experts, data geeks, and social influencers. Seriously, we are sooo excited about these speakers…

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Use the BCS Triangle to Get a Flood of New Leads

If you’ve been running ads for a minute now, but haven’t seen great results, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your advertising strategy. If you don’t have a strategy, then it’s definitely time to whip one up.

We’ll help out by teaching you the BCS Triangle strategy. This strategy is similar to a traditional marketing funnel, but it has the ability to bring in new leads anywhere, not just as the top of it.

Think of the BCS Triangle like a funnel with a bunch of holes in it, but instead of leads leaking out, they’re pouring in. (It’s a weird funnel, okay?!)

Let’s get to it.

  • (02:42) The BCS Triangle is a funnel for building your advertising strategy. It allows people to enter at multiple points, rather than just the top of the funnel.
  • (03:22) Build your traditional advertising funnel by targeting cold audiences with content and then retargeting them with conversion-focused campaigns. But with BCS, you also add cold audiences to the conversion-focused campaigns.
  • (05:35) Each section of the BCS Triangle has its own separate objective. The top section is focused on branding, the middle on conversions, and the bottom on smart retargeting.
  • (06:30) Budgets for each section. Spend 10-20% on branding, spend 50-70% on conversions, and spend the remaining 10-40% on smart retargeting.
  • (11:41) The top of the triangle will take a long time to see results, but it is way cheaper than any other part of the triangle.
  • (15:38) The bottom of the triangle is where you have product-focused messaging. This is when you can give a harder sell. Retarget based on visitors who stopped by pages on your website that lead to conversions—your pricing page, your hire us page, etc.
  • (21:23) In the B section, pay attention to CPM as the primary metric. In the C section, focus on education based messaging and optimize for cost-per-lead, relevance, and engagement. In S, focus on Return on Ad Spend. This is where you have a positive ROI.

That’s the gist of it, but there’s still more in here.

Should SEOs & Content Marketers Play to the Social Networks’ “Stay-On-Our-Site” Algorithms?

Today’s Read from Moz also comes as a video if that’s more your speed on a Monday morning.

So given that’s a video from Moz, that must mean it’s ol’ Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday. And this one is tackling what to do about social networks tweaking algorithms to favor content that remains on their site (rather than sending users to an outside source). Social networks be greedy…   

Do you swim with the current and appease those algorithms, or do you go against it and continue to promote your own content?

Rand’s serving up pros and cons of each approach, plus his recommendations on how to balance your efforts.

We’re not gonna get carried away and try to summarize this one—it’s really best outlined on Rand’s whiteboard, so we highly suggest taking a deeper look.

Bovine Intervention 

Do you think dairy cows are as cute as this copywriter does? Hope so. Hope you’re also concerned with the health of the cows you’re getting your dairy from too! Google seems to be at least.

Today’s Watch highlights the company’s new device (Ida) that uses AI to help dairy farmers track the health of their cows. Which therefore helps ensure the herd’s productivity and improves their farms’ efficiency.

As with anything from Google, this device is smart. Using its machine learning framework, it understands and interprets the behavior of cows, predicting problems and detecting illnesses early. 

Well, you’ll see it all in motion (or moo-tion, amirite?) in the ad spot. Plus, so many precious, beautiful bovines. 

“Expectations of the audiences differ from platform to platform, and you have to modify your execution accordingly.”
Jay Baer

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