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Grab Your Shades 🕶

What is Facebook cooking up now?

Did Ya Know?

(psst – see the answer to today’s trivia Q at the bottom!)

What was Pepsi’s original name?

Top Posts of the Week

What We Learned

Monday: We took it easy for Labor Day!

Tuesday: We talked about feeding the social media beast strategically. Sprout Social gave examples and reasons for repurposing content for social media. The main gist is to take your top-performing content and transform it across different channels. It reinforces your messaging, expands your reach, and supports your brand goals. Winning all around!

Wednesday: We all know mo’ data means mo’ problems. NinjaCat talked about the importance of organizing your data across multiple platforms. Making your data sources talk the same language gives you an advantage for talking to your stakeholders and making smarter marketing decisions. They have a whole playbook to help you out with how to get there.

Thursday: What makes a design good, bad, or ugly? We talked about the philosophy of going against the grain and made a case for “ugly” design. Creative minds can suffer without experimentation, and repeating the same editorial grids gets them down.

Join the Conversation

Maggie posted, “Sourcing question: Does anyone have a temporary tattoo vendor they love? Die-cut is a necessity. No one has time for cutting sheets of temp tattoos. Thanks!”

Jolene shared, “Damn.” Sprouts fired:

Kailey wrote, “Has anyone used the email marketing platform through Toast? My client currently uses Toast for their restaurants, and we have been using Klaviyo for email marketing but I am considering a switch. Any advice/recs?”

Sabrina asked, “Thoughts on non-profits working with Instagram influencers? Risk vs benefits?”

Combo Mambo

Things that just work together:

Peanut Butter + Jelly

Mac + Cheese

Hot wings + Beer

Your Brand + Carney

We make quite the pair, don’t we?

Carney is a dynamic digital agency made of designers, developers, and strategists ready to take on the branding world. We build and support brands to break through the noise.

Hit us up for your websites, campaigns, and everything in between. And we mean everything.

End of Summer Smash 🥲


  • 1 lemon (juiced)
  • a bunch of mint leaves
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 4 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters
  • 1/2 dry pint ripe blackberries
  • 3 oz vodka
  • 2 oz ginger beer
  • Ice


  1. Add the lemon juice, mint leaves, honey, bitters, and berries to a shaker.
  2. Use your muddler to smash everything together in the cocktail shaker.
  3. Add the vodka to the shaker along with a handful of ice.
  4. Shake!
  5. Strain the mixture over ice.
  6. Add ginger beer and give it a swirl.
  7. Garnish it up how you see fit with mint leaves, berries, or lemon slices.

Recipe by Sense and Edibility

Ads from the Past

1991, Duracell

b. Brad’s Drink

Who the heck is Brad? Pepsi was created in 1893 by a pharmacist named Caleb Bradham that wanted to make a “healthy” cola.


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