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Google Tag Manager vs. the Global Site Tag

Google Tag Manager and the Global Site Tag can seem interchangeable, but they are two different tools. Luckily, MeasureSchool has a full guide on the similarities and differences between them.

So, what are we talking about here?

  • Google Tag Manager: is a tag management system that acts as a common tool for running all different tracking tags.
  • The Global Site Tag (gtag.js): is a tracking code that tracks information to forward to other Google tools like Google Analytics. You install it in the header section of your website.

Okay…what’s the difference?

So both methods can deploy tracking points to a variety of Google tools. But let’s get into how they are different:

  • Third-party marketing tool compatibility – Despite the name, the Global Site Tag only plays nice with Google Tools and the Google Tag Manager allows you to send data to any tool that has a JavaScript-based tracking code.
  • Functionality – gtag.js is very straightforward as far as functioning with data, but the Google Tage Manager has more features, especially for testing or debugging.
  • User Interface – Google Tag Manager requires very little coding knowledge with a more user-friendly interface (with features like those previously mentioned). With the gtag.js, you’ll need to do all your site’s tracking coding on your own, so it’s an invisible part of your site.

Cool. So which one do I use?

Both have benefits depending on your tagging purposes. For the most part, Google tag Manager is easier for marketers to navigate, especially without developer help. Global Site Tag is a mini segment of Google Tag Manager, so it’s just not as flexible as Google Tag Manager. If you have a need for manual tag set-up, though, gtag.js is the move.

To see more technical examples and how-to’s (and no-no’s), check out MeasureSchool’s full article with an accompanying video.

Q for You

How many of you have already shared your Spotify listening history for 2021?

Test Voodle’s Beta for Hiring

Help Wanted! 

By now, many of you and your peers have likely experienced the hiring struggle in the waves of The Great Resignation and Talent War. Voodle has something to change your hiring process for the better.

Carnage readers are invited to try Voodle’s Beta for Hiring. Voodle is an async video tool that can help you every step of the way in your hiring process.

  • Sourcing: It’s a candidate’s market. Insert a unique, personal video message right into your job posts to help them stand out.
  • Screening: Ditch cover letters. Use async video to scale your initial screening, see past the resume, and give candidates a chance to create their first impression.
  • Closing: Don’t lose your top candidate to the competition. Create a stream of welcoming messages to show how much your team cares and make your new hire feel like they are a part of the team.
  • Onboarding: Start strong from day 1. Make onboarding materials interesting and at the ready with Voodle videos.
  • Team Connection: Keep your coworkers connected and on the same page with efficient video communication.

Sign up to be a part of Voodle’s Beta for your hiring needs and you’ll also receive a $100 gift for participating!


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Love is Wild

This star-studded ad is brought to you by Cartier as a “Celebration of Love.” It features the jewelry brand’s ambassadors blinged out and lipsynching in different scenes. As the song shifts, it quickly turns into a circus of topsy-turvey rooms and goofball antics. While the jewelry isn’t the star of the show, it is a fun enough ad to stick with you.

Ads from the Past

1964, Smith-Corona

“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”

David Ogilvy


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