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Hard Truths Hurt

But getting slapped by Papa John leaves a serious brand mark.

Thank You Pages: 15 Examples of Missed Opportunities

When was the last time you gave any thought to your Thank You pages? Seems like there are a lot of marketers who take the approach of, “I already got what I wanted from the website visitor, who cares about the thank you page?”

And sure, that’s fair. You spend a ton of time working on what happens before a visitor sees that Thank You page, that you might neglect the Thank You. But, man, it’s such a missed opportunity if you neglect it.

Orbit Media is coming in hot with 15 things you can add to your Thank You page, other than just saying, “Thanks!”

  1. Tell them what to expect next. Pretty simple here. For people who submit a “Contact Us” or something similar, tell them when you’ll be in touch. For people who downloaded something, tell them where to get it.
  2. Offer to add them to your newsletter. If someone submits a form that doesn’t put them on your mailing list, ask them to join that on the Thank You page.
    Add a video. If someone is already interested in you, this is an opportunity to pull them a little bit deeper. A video that tells your story will go a loooooong way.
  3. Suggest they follow you on social media. Nuthin’ more to say here.
  4. Show off your best content. Keep someone hanging around your website a little bit longer by featuring your top content on the Thank You page. Here’s an example.
  5. Show proof and build trust. Evidence to show off you’re legit can give you a boost. Use the thank you page to link to case studies, press mentions, industry credentials, and testimonials.
  6. Ask a question! A quick one-question survey will help you get to know your audience a bit more. That def never hurts.
  7. Give them a promo code. The instant someone becomes a customer is the best time to suggest the next sale. Take a note from Amazon’s Thank You pages here.
  8. Give them the options for and benefits of inviting friends. Start your referral process right there. Example.

Welp, we’reouttaroom. Youknowwhattodo →

The Hard Truth About Your Customers

We’re about to drop some heavy stuff right now. Gen Z doesn’t shop the same way as Gen X, so stop treating them with the same marketing tactics. It’s time to adapt to the digital era.

Hubspot is delivering the hard truth about your customers today. First, consumers want to help themselves, not call you. 30% of Gen Z stated that they prefer to find information online and cope with the problem themselves rather than interact with a business rep.

Second, consumers learn from friends, not salespeople. Word of mouth is treasure. What’s better than people loving your brand so much that they do your job for you? 

Lastly, consumers trust your customers, not your marketing. There are huge results surrounding testimonials because people trust people. 

We’re going to let Hubspot take it from here. Their crew suggests the key to growth in 2018 is:

  1. Happy customers who recommend your company to their friends
  2. Successful customers who share their results with the world
  3. Modern customer support that matches how people communicate

So, how do you take action on those keys toward growth? Here ya go:

1. Engage with your customers where they already are.
People communicate through a wide variety of channels. Email, phone, and in-person communication are what we knew, but there’s also live chat, social media, and messenger apps. Ya gotta match this change. Why? You’ll make it easier for customers to reach out and have more fluid conversations.

2. Guide customers with proactive solutions that scale support.
Once you know how to engage customers, use this information to guide your customers. If you know customers are constantly looking for best practices on a specific tactic, turn that into an amazing piece of content that support agents and customers can refer to again and again.

3. Grow relationships with customers to develop loyal promoters.
You need to build a feedback mechanism that helps you understand customer happiness and pain points. This feedback will help you figure out issues so you can solve problems for customers, but it will also help you identify those who are already happy and successful using your product or service.

There’s a lot here. If you need more, click that link.

Brand Slam

What if you could watch the Burger King put Domino’s Noid in a sleeper hold? Or better yet witness Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas, going ballistic on the Panda from Panda Express?

Thanks to the creators of the popular YouTube channel, Polygon, you can now watch your favorite brand mascots pummel each other in ‘Monday Night Raw’ fashion.

The concept is built on the back of “WWE 2K18,” a video game that allows gamers to create their own characters. Just think of the possibilities! Papa John himself vs. the Taco Bell chihuahua? Yes, please.

“Brand Slam,” is a YouTube series that pits popular brands against each other to achieve one simple goal: “determine the world’s best thing.”

You can be sure these have not received corporate approval. Brand guidelines…what are those? You know we’re always down for some marketing carnage.

Dream Match: Amazon’s Smile Icon takes out the Walmart Smiley Face for the win!

“Quit counting fans, followers, and blog subscribers like bottle caps. Think instead about what you’re hoping to achieve with and through the community that actually cares about what you’re doing.”

Amber Naslund

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