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Harness Your Hybrids

Get a grip on events, and we dare you not to get feels for a snowman.

Be in the Know

Looking to Harness the Power of Hybrid Events?

As 2021 is coming to an end, we’re still wary of fully in-person events. But, as we always do, marketers have adapted. Event organizers have been offering both an online and an offline version for all attendees to feel comfortable, and stay as responsible as possible. 

Hybrid events are here and staying. Are you ready for them?

Hopin is the all-in-one event management platform for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, so they know their stuff on events. They released a guide all about mastering the hybrid event experience from the perspective of every stakeholder involved – organizers, attendees, speakers, and sponsors – and equip yourself with a strategic planning resource with actionable tips and takeaways for success. 

The guide includes:

  • A 360-degree breakdown of hybrid events and how they work
  • Tips for running hybrid customer, user, and conference experiences
  • Hybrid event insights for attendees, organizers, speakers, & sponsors
  • Four brand-building benefits of hybrid events & examples
  • A hybrid event planning checklist to guide your organizing efforts
  • Why virtual experiences don’t compete with in-person events

For more insights and tips for events, get the full guide for yourself!

Q for You

Will you be planning any events (virtual, in-person, or hybrid) in 2022?


Virtual events can be hosted in a number of ways, but you gotta make sure the events are interesting. Kumospace is an immersive group video chat tool to create virtual spaces. They combine the best of video games and video chat, transforming conversations into experiences. Rooms can be customized with furniture and interactive apps or you can start with pre-made rooms.

Try it out for free to see if it will fit your next event, virtual team meeting, or online happy hour.

Scalemail Referrals

Sometimes you gotta throw your supporters a bone!

Scalemail Referrals incentivizes your most loyal subscribers to spread the word about your newsletter or site. Offer up swag items, discounts, or gifts in exchange for referring new followers. We build it right into your existing system, making it easy for your current audience to share away.

Ask for a demo to see how Scalemail Referrals can help grow your list.

Saving Simon

Not to be dramatic, but we would die for this lump of snow. Apple has been releasing a series of short films shot on iPhones. This one came just in time for the holidays following a girl’s devotion to her snowman friend, Simon. Check it out for your daily dose of feel-good fuzzies.

Ads from the Past

1977, Sears

(things we need on our Christmas list)

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.”

Leonard Bernstein


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