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Have Fun Do Good

Do you have the itch to explore while giving back?

Have Fun Do Good

Do you have the itch to explore while giving back? If so, then Adam Kunes’ volunteering excursion company, Have Fun Do Good, might just be your ticket.

The Postive Impact Podcast interviews Adam, who is blending the enjoyment of travel, friendship, and volunteering as a way to engage more millennials in the rewards of giving back.

Definitely some great takeaways for any business looking to add a DO GOOD element to their mission.

All of Facebook’s Ad Targeting Options

We. Love. Facebook. Ads.

Seriously, Facebook ads are pretty incredible. Right now, they’re the best bang-for-your-buck in terms of ad spending. When they’re done properly, of course. What really makes Facebook effective is the targeting options.

Sure, you can choose just to target an entire country, and you’ll get results. But if you dial in that audience with the different targeting options Facebook gives you, you’ll have a lower CPC and get more clicks.

That’s why we love this infographic from Wordstream. It breaks down every ad targeting option that Facebook gives you. Save this one in your favorites.

 5 Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Quickly

Instagram is crushing it right now. It’s on pace to be Facebook’s 3rd billion-user platform (the other two are Facebook and WhatsApp). Basically, Instagram is “it” right now.

The problem is, a lot of companies are struggling to build an audience on the platform and turn that audience into customers.

Luckily for us, Chris Kubbernus breaks down the tips you need to grow an audience on Instagram. They’re listed below, but he goes into detail about all of them in today’s Watch.

  1. Change your Instagram name
  2. Use the link in your bio
  3. Use text on images
  4. Use video
  5. Everyone needs to use hashtags

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
Albert Einstein

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