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Heard the Word?

Choose Your Fighter: Streaming Ads Edition

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Have You Heard?

Listen up! If you aren’t advertising on streaming platforms by now…why not? They’re engaged and targeted and full of options. Today, the Carney team wants to break down the two main types of Spotify ads for ya.

Read it and weep:


2021 stats for the major streaming platforms:

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Q for You

Do you want to know more about Spotify advertising?

The State of Social 2022 

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  • 🤳 The future of influencer marketing and its fate in 2022
  • 🤗 Staying authentic on social
  • 📚 Repurposing your content on social media
  • 💵 Evaluating your social selling strategy

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Haunted Home Bundles

Halloween is basically here (spooky Scrooges can fight us). Flo and the gang at Progressive have been animated adorably to live in the world of the Addams Family. They get their own little jingle to the ghostly family’s theme song. The ad shows the team is there to look out for your property 24/7, even if they are helpful to a fault.

Ads from the Past

1923, Mulsified Shampoo

“The best time to do anything was yesterday. Today is the second-best. Start now.”

Shama Hyder


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