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Hit the Refresh Button on Your Content

plus – a new Spotify feature, the Dropbox remix, and Squarespace commercials

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Add More Context to Your Content

The glory days of 100% reach across social platforms are long gone. 😢

You know this already though.

According to Sprout Social, brands are seeing a median engagement of 0.09% per Facebook post and 1.60% per Instagram post.

Despite the numbers, consumers are still taking to social to interact with their favorite brands.

It’s up to us marketers to keep them engaged and rethink how to make social work. One of the best ways to encourage consumers to go beyond the content is to provide more context.

Here are a few ways to rethink the current context of your content. Say that fast 5 times!

  • Change up the headline: Rather than copying and pasting your post headline, consider mixing it up. You can do this through quotes, statistics, challenges/solutions, and/or takeaways. Encourage clicks by leading with the most intriguing part of your article.
  • Better imagery: Grabbing a stock image from Unsplash and calling it a day ain’t gonna cut it anymore. It’s time to reconsider how you’re using images in your posts. Here are a few ways to mix it up:
    • Incorporate words: Use quotes and stats directly from the article.
    • Add motion: GIFs are a great, simple way to show variations in one update with your product or service (and people love them).
    • Tell a story: With carousels and galleries, telling a story with images is easier than ever. Check out what CHANEL did for Mother’s Day here. 
  • Use whitespace: Less is more. To avoid overwhelming your customers with oodles of text, consider using as much space as possible without using more words.

Dive in deeper below.

The New Dropbox

We’ve been using Dropbox for a long time and we know a lot of you use it as well.

Yesterday, Dropbox unveiled the ‘New Dropbox.’

There are a ton of new features including, easier ways to organize your content and share across Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. If you’re currently a Dropbox user, you can opt-in to the new desktop app through their early access program.

It’s a brand new experience. Check out all the new features here.

A Website Makes it Real

“Together for the rest of your lives… or maybe not. But at least domains are forever. A Squarespace website makes it real.”

Squarespace is making some moves with its latest ad spots.

Nothing like having your fiance see your old website featuring your ex. Check out the spot below.

Ads from the Past


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