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How to keep people watching.

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😬 Google is scrambling to remove weird answers from AI Overviews. 

🖋️ This is Spotify Mix, the app’s new custom typeface.

🥱 Among the proposed new emojis is “face with bags under eyes.” Same.

💰 Snapchat, Meta, Google, and Pinterest are hoping to steal TikTok’s ad dollars.

🥤 AI advancements are making product placement easier.

🧠 How do Data Cloud, Einstein AI, and Copilots fit into Salesforce’s architecture?

☀️ Coca-Cola’s new Wozzaah Zero Sugar flavor celebrates the vibrancy of Africa.

Google AI Fail

How To Write a Short-Form Video Hook

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If you’re in the short-form game, you know that most viewers drop off around the 3-second mark. It’s frustrating to invest in high-quality content that users are bound to engage with and enjoy—if you could only stop the scroll.

Here’s how to hook ’em long enough for that CTA:

  • Start with a (near) universally familiar image as your main graphic. We process images dramatically faster than audio and text, so this is an efficient use of your 3 seconds.
  • Make sure your audience knows what you’re talking about. Instead of “how Blackberry built a status symbol,” try “this phone [image] used to be a status symbol before iPhone came along.”
  • Use the “but and so” framework—a rapid and organic way of storytelling—to introduce a surprising fact, a thought-provoking question, or a change in camera perspective at the precise moment that attention wanes.

Check out Marketing Examined for the full scoop on hooks.

Q for You

Does your brand(s) have communications planned for Pride Month?


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Told is a simple popup survey tool for collecting feedback from your users and customers. Use the no-code editor to prompt feedback at the right time across apps, websites, and survey links.

Validate your idea, measure long-term customer satisfaction, evaluate your payment funnel, measure your product market fit, or gather suggestions.

Also, the colorful gradient design is easy on the eyes.


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Ads from the Past

Coca-Cola, 1970

Coca-Cola, 1970


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