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How do ya feel?

Learn the power of emotion, plus become a champion of your time.

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Do you think emotion belongs in your content?

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Even B2B Audiences Want Emotion in Their Content

Need to know the majority age range of your audience – it’s a quick trip to Google Analytics. Same deal for gender, location, and many other demographics. A few polls via Instagram Stories can give you insight on interests, and platforms like Twitter can help you hone in on the language your fans are using.

But when’s the last time you asked a loyal customer how they feel? Content Marketing Institute is helping us build trust in the B2B industries by understanding how to incorporate emotion.

What buyers are really asking for?

Great uncertainty continues to lie on our shoulders and decision-makers are looking to brands to provide insight. Of course, we’re talking about the impact of the pandemic. As marketers, we have to meet this expectation. Now, it’s time to prioritize content that fills the emotional needs.

In B2B, experts see that customers “look for brands to help them feel more confident and in control of their work priorities.”

How can B2B brands bring emotion into their content?

  • Position your brand as an empathetic partner. Think about the shared benefits between your offering and the customer’s goals. Then create stories from those benefits where the customer is the hero.
  • Be a positive force. Your customers are worried about their own goals. And as crisis fatigue sets in, allow your brand to be a clear path for recovery by becoming the guide that solves their problems.
  • Take baby steps over large changes. After all, our norm has been flipped upside down, so adding to that overwhelm makes zero sense. Break your brand’s experience into stages. Then create content that emphasizes easy wins and where a collection of those wins can lead.

Smash that button because CMI goes into more detail and advice.

Scheduling Made Easy

How many third-party scheduling tools have you tried for your business? It’s tiring, right? Even a bit overwhelming to say the least. 

Scheduling often takes much coordination over several channels, but it doesn’t have to. Woven wants you to become the champion of your time. With this scheduling tool, you can…

  • use Smart Templates to customize and time block your calendar.
  • book a time and share a scheduling link to eliminate any back and forth emails
  • let analytics provide insight into how you spend your time. 

Y’all, it’s super simple. Master your time by having your work and personal calendars, plus scheduling tools all in one clean place with Woven.

Do you enjoy TED Talks? Here are a bunch of past talks you can listen to right now in the spirit of Pride Month.

Coming Out

Staying at home is easier said than done. For the last few months, we’ve stayed in and it’s been exhausting, right?

Slowly but surely it will be safe to go out and about again, but we’ve all gained a new perspective on how difficult it is to keep shut-in.

Egale illustrates the experience of LGBTQ+ people in regard to coming out. The mutual experience of being shut in and unable to come out parallels the hardships many people feel about coming out to the world with their own identities.

Ads from the Past

1970, REMCO

“Compassion directed to oneself is humility.”

Simone Weil


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