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how do you eat an Oreo?

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Take Your SEO Pulse in 20 Minutes

“SEO is underwhelming,” said no one ever. Whether you’re the SEO whiz at your company or you just need a high-level checkup, our friends at SEJ got you covered.

We’re not suggesting that 20 minutes of SEO work per week will do the trick, but checking the following items will dictate where you need to spend more time.

Start your timer…

0-10 minutes: Open up Google Search Console and be on the lookout for errors. Check out the overview section, coverage and sitemaps section. You’re looking for spikes, error issues and when the last time your site has been crawled.

11-12 minutes: Check your robots.txt file. Don’t fret if that’s foreign to you. You can read more about robots.txt here. This file tells search engines how to crawl your site. You’re looking for a “Disallow” line. If you see “disallow,” make sure its intentional.

13-15 minutes: Check that site speed with Google Analytics. Behavior > Site Speed > Overview. We featured a few plugins to check out for a faster site here.

15-18 minutes: Look at your SERPs aka the Search Engine Results Page. Head over to and type in site: [yourwebsite].com. Look for spam, hacks, and out of the ordinary pages, etc.

19-20 minutes: Visually check your site. Simple stuff here. Click through your top pages. How fast do they load? Are there broken links and/or any other high-level issues?

Maximize Productivity

Todoist is a simple and powerful to-do list app that’ll help you get organized no matter what device you’re on.

What we like: Clean UI. Simple interface. The integrations and labeling system are on point!

What we don’t like: The free version is a bit limiting.

Never Grow Up

We’re featuring Pittsburgh’s own Whiz Khalifa in today’s watch. “They say we’re too grown for fun? We say playful’s never done.”

We’re off to the store now for some milk and Oreo’s. Well played Oreo.

Ads from the Past

Marie Osmond for Kmart 1977.


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