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How many words are too many?

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What’s the Best Word Count for Google?

How many words are too many for a blog post or landing page?

Well, according to Google’s John Muller, “word count is not a ranking factor.”

Perfect, right? Not so fast.

While Google may not take a stance on word count, data shows that longer copy can position better.

Here are some studies from popular blogs:

  • “A 2017 study by Ahrefs found the average #1 ranking page will also position for about 1,000 related keywords
  • “HubSpot, in their 2017 post, found their blog post sweet spot was 2,500 words.”
  • “A joint study by BuzzSumo and Brian Dean found that long-form content (2,000-10,000 words) gets more links than short blog posts.”
  • Viola Eva from Search Engine Journal said the following; “longer content leads to more links and more links lead to better rankings.”

To piggyback off these stats, over 91% of content gets ZERO traffic from Google. Yikes.

So, should you always write long-form copy? 

The answer is no.

Short-form copy also ranks, but here’s the real secret:

Focus on your reader. 

In addition to focusing on your reader, you need to look at what your competition is doing.

What does their content look like? Videos, images, listicles, etc. Does their page link on authority sites?

Once you’ve spent some time researching your competition, think about the following things (courtesy of SeoCopywriting).

  • Have I said everything I could?
  • Have I overcome all objections?
  • Have I showcased the product or service?
  • Is the keyphrase usage seamless?
  • Does the copy encourage the next conversion step?
  • Have I connected with my reader?

And there you have it.

Building an Inclusive Community

“It’s like the opposite of a gym vibe.”

Brogan Graham knows a thing or two about building community. He took a morning-fitness routine with his college buddy and turned it into a full-fledged global fitness movement called November Project.

November Project currently operates in 52 cities around the world.

We’re stoked to have Brogan speak at the Yearly Carnage on October 4th on how to build community regardless of your industry.

Check out this amazing video that Knockaround did featuring Brogan and November Project.

Simplify your Customer Support

HelpSpace will simplify your customer support by routing all emails into a beautiful dashboard.

  • Unlimited customers
  • Multiple channels
  • Clean interface

We dig. Give it a try for free for 15 days. No credit card required.

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