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How to silence the trolls

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Avoid These Common eCommerce Ad Mistakes

Have you ever fired up an ad thinking you absolutely nailed it? We’re talking the right audience, killer ad creative, and stellar copy.

You wait a couple days and the results are mediocre at best.

We see this all too often with clients.

These mediocre results can typically be narrowed down to one or more of the three ‘cardinal sins’ of eCommerce advertising.

Here are three common mistakes and how to avoid them:

  1. Your Website is Too Dang Slow: This is more common than you’d think. Even with a stellar ad, you’re leaving money on the table by sending potential customers to a snail-like website. Check out these stats from AdEspresso.

    -47% of customers expect a webpage to load within 2 seconds.
    64% of mobile users expect a webpage to load within 4 seconds.
    -Just one second of delay in page load time can reduce conversions by 7%.
    -79% of customers who had a bad experience with website performance are less likely to become repeat buyers.

    Solution: Check your site speed and where your bounce rates are happening. Channel your inner Ricky Bobby and make it go fast.
  2. Avoiding Google Shopping: There are over 3.5 billion searches every day on Google. Wrap your head around that for a second. When it comes to running ads for your products, make sure you include Google Shopping in your strategy. You’ll save a ton of money as folks are close to converting and your products will be featured prominently in search results.
  3. Repeatedly Serving the Same Ads: Ad fatigue is a real thing. If you’re repeatedly serving the same ads and bumping up your ad frequency, here’s what’ll happen:Your campaign CTR will decrease and your CPC will increase. Solution: Decrease your ad frequency. Exclude folks who have already interacted with your ad. Rotate your ads every few days.

We make
fast websites.

Non-Stop Monitoring

We had some folks chatting about social monitoring tools in the Facebook group last week. So, we figured we’d feature one.

Awario monitors the Web for mentions of your keywords in real time, ensuring you are the first to know about the conversations that can impact your business.

Pricing starts at $24/month.

Hakuna Matata

Mark your calendar for July 19th. Disney is putting a new spin on a classic, featuring an all-star cast and some ridiculous filmmaking (aka live action).

The Lion King is coming back. Watch the trailer below.

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