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Hulu yells timber…

which means it’s going down.

Be in the Know

  • Netflix goin’ up on a Tuesday. Hulu going down on a Thursday. Think Netflix is too expensive? Head over to Hulu. They just dropped their streaming service to $5.99/month. Well played?
  • Coming soon to a Facebook near you…The Page Quality Tab. Facebook is making a push to close pages and groups that are violating community standards. The tab goes live today.

Get Verified on Instagram

How many of you are verified on Instagram? Show of hands ✋🏽

That dang blue checkmark is like sitting at the cool kid’s table. Here’s the thing though, the blue check mark wasn’t created to give you more clout, it was created to prove you are who you say you are.

Regardless of why the blue badge was created, it’s hard not to see it as a status symbol and/or a way to stand out from the competition. While we can’t guarantee any badges, we can give you a few tips from our friends at Hootsuite.

  1. Build your digital presence: It’s all about credibility. Make sure your IG profile is linked and posted across various channels.
  2. Stay consistent: This is fairly common knowledge, but your IG feed should carry the same aesthetic throughout. Using the same filter for every post is a great place to start.
  3. Link to your website:  Don’t link to another network in your IG profile. The algorithm isn’t a fan of leveraging for likes or follows on other channels.
  4. Write a strong bio: Be clear and concise on what you do in your profile. Include relevant, discoverable keywords as it relates to your industry.
  5. Flaunt those connections: If you work with verified brands, include them in your profile and what you do with them.
  6. Just ask: Click ‘settings’ and then ‘request verification’. And then you wait…..🤞🏼

Capitalize My Title

To capitalize or not to capitalize…that is the question.

‘Capitalize My Title’ does the guessing for you. Head over to their site and drop your title in. You’ll have 4 title capitalization styles to choose from: Chicago, APA, MLA, and AP. 

What we like: It’s free and about as simple as a tool can be.

What we don’t like: A Grammarly integration would be 🔥

Michael Scott Drinks Pepsi

We can’t claim that Steve Carell will be playing Michael Scott in the Pepsi Super Bowl ad, but we can certainly hope so. Today’s watch features a sneak peek of Carell having a good ol’ laugh at his script.

Ads from the Past

Fast or fun? We pick fun. Shakey’s circa 1972. 51 locations in the United States!


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