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I want my babybacklinks 🎶

Backlink strategies and LEGO’s holiday charge.

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5 Incredibly Effective Backlink Strategies

How many of y’all were Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts back in the day? We’re throwing you a big scout salute for all those knots you mastered and the delicious coveted cookies we hoard every year (Tagalongs are where it’s at, tbh.)

Scouts earn many badges as they serve their communities and learn new skills. These badges are like backlinks for their uniforms. They show the world their prowess in a particular area and help establish authority.

Let’s launch right in with 5 incredibly effective backlink strategies from Kelly Campbell.

  • Testimonials. Leaving a testimonial on another authority’s site can be mutually beneficial. You’re giving them an honest take on your experience with a product or service. In turn, they may link your testimonial back to your site as a means of verifying your credibility. Keep your testimonial concise and authentic. Make sure it’s worth featuring on their testimonials page.
  • Link Roundup. Just like in an art gallery, link roundups have artists and curators. The artist creates the content, and the curator puts it all together on display. People are constantly putting together roundups of the best content in XYZ category. Search the web and Twitter for roundups, and send your own links to creators when your own content matches what they’re looking for.
  • Reclaim Links. Blogs will often mention your business without providing any links. It’s great they mentioned you, but a link is even better. Reach out and thank them for including you in their article, and ask if they might include a link to your site within their mention. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  • Guest Posts. If you can personally find a place on another site, it’s a great way to drive visitors back to your site. Finding guest posts opportunities is no easy feat though. Not everyone is open to guest posts or has a place for your topic. Give “guest post” a search on Twitter and see where you might be of service.

Keep reading for number 5.

Check My Links

Links are a huge part of SEO. From backlinks helping establish your domain authority to internal links keeping visitors on your site. Among other things, Google scours links and determines your worthiness for the top of the SERPs. Check My Links Chrome Extension makes sure all your links are working.

Install the simple plugin and reveal working and non-working links on pages you visit. Use it to determine what needs fixing on your site. Or, use it to find opportunities where you can link back to yourself (i.e. Wikipedia) or offer one of your own links to content creators showing a broken link.

And I think to myself…

Who doesn’t love LEGO sets? Brick by brick we can build new worlds, interact with our favorite characters, and exercise our imaginations. As long as you’re not stepping on them, they’re a great time.

LEGO is gearing up for the 2020 holiday season with this ad. Featuring dragons, Star Wars characters, and even sausage trees (whatever those are); building with these timeless bricks is a family affair.

Ads from the Past

1975, Levi’s

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