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Instagram’s first post featured🥁🥁

Get the answer to last Friday’s trivia Q, plus a round up of the week.

Daily Polls and Trivia Qs Update

We’ve been getting a lot of glitchy inquiries coming in about the polls. Our dev team is working on a solution. We’re putting the polls on hold for now, but it’ll be back.

Until then, last Friday we asked you guys what animal was featured on the first Instagram post? Here’s how y’all voted:

  • A pig – 170 votes
  • A cat – 376 votes
  • A dog – 382 votes
  • A hedgehog – 402 votes

Ready to see who gets bragging rights this week? Back when Instagram launched in 2010, cofounder, Kevin Systrom posted a pic of this adorable pupper!

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Top Posts of the Week

Join the Conversation

  • Carrie wants to know, “Hey Carnies! What easy-to-use and free tools would you most recommend to small business owners to help them plan out their monthly social calendars?”
  • Rachel is asking for input, “I’m figuring out how to bring energy 💥⚡️ + relationship-building 👫 to a virtual conference. Have you experienced any unique ways a virtual host engaged the virtual viewers in a way that worked?……”
  • Shira could use your expertise, “…..I’m a newbie at paid LinkedIn campaigns and am running into some issues with my campaign actually running (generating clicks and spending money). Does anyone here have experience specifically with LinkedIn campaign manager who can assist? Thanks in advance!”
  • With the holiday coming up Taryn has our back with this helpful PSA- it’s “St. Paddy’s” not “Patty’s,”

And one last bonus, Jesse shared a power series known as “Eva.Stories.”

Earl Grey Blackberry Bourbon Cocktail

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1915, Robinson & Sons LTD

“I feel myself becoming the fearless person I have dreamt of being. Have I arrived? No. But I’m constantly evolving and challenging myself to be unafraid to make mistakes.”

Janelle Monae


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