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Facebook retargeting strategies & a hashtag analysis.

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Facebook Retargeting Ads: The Best Strategies You May be Missing

Some things have a way of working themselves into our daily lives. Smartphones are a notable example, and more recently we’ve seen somewhat of a bidet renaissance. Or how about face masks? A year ago you might just have seen a small handful of people wearing them in stores, but the number grew quickly before wearing the mask became a requirement for shoppers.

These things, for a variety of reasons, take hold and it becomes difficult to think of a future without them. They begin as something unfamiliar, but through the power of marketing and sheer exposure, they transform into necessities. It’s similar to the power of retargeting. See something enough and you’ll surely give it some consideration. AdEspresso is here to help you harness the power of retargeting with the best strategies you may be missing.

Creating a Non-Rushed Sales Funnel

We’re all eager to hit the ground running with Facebook Ads. However, it’s best to steadily build a presence with your target audience and spark interest over time. Run ads specifically for brand awareness and then you can dive into a retargeting campaign for those who interacted with your ad.

Showing Customers Items They Loved

When people have a need or interest in something, it may be only a matter of time before they buy. Serving ads for products you know people have already viewed on your site will help move people across the finish line. Create an audience of users who have viewed a specific URL, but exclude those who have visited the order confirmation page. This will help ensure you’re not targeting users who already purchased.

Re-Engaging Lost Customers

Selling to your customers is great since they already know your brand and some of your offerings. Find your long-lost customers who may be interested in a new offering and get them back in the funnel. Drill down in your email platform or CRM for customers who haven’t engaged in a while and target them with a special offer. You know, for old times’ sake.

Don’t miss the detailed explanations of how to implement these strategies in Facebook Ads Manager.


It’s hard enough to put content out there. But it doesn’t end there. It’s important to understand content performance to stay engaged and relevant with your audiences. Socialert helps you stay on top of hashtags and keywords on Instagram and Twitter.

Just type in your hashtag or keyword and watch this tool deliver a high-level view of the last 100 uses on Instagram or Twitter. You’ll be able to see your top influencers and active users, as well as neat graphs representing post times and dates in addition to reach and impressions over time.

Scalemail Polls

How many of y’all are expert stone skippers?

It’s so satisfying to see the ripples respond and testify to your skipping prowess.

Marketers cast stones every day in the form of content and measure the ripples in terms of engagement.

Want to make waves with another type of engagement? You can use Scalemail Polls in your own letter to interact with your subscribers and gauge thoughts and ideas.

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Nothing on this Earth is meant to be permanent. That said, there are some things that come close. Betty White, for instance, is toward the top of the list of permanence for sure.

Nestle gives us this ad to show what effect time has on the waste we create. Unfortunately, plastic straws rival Betty White in things that will last forever. Even more unfortunate – there are far more plastic straws than there are Betty Whites. 😔

Ads from the Past

1996, Quake

“Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so.”

Bryan Eisenberg


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