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The influence of emotions in marketing and a tool to help the influence of influencer marketing.

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Emotional Advertising: How Brands Use Feelings

For the most part, people don’t make purchases based on information alone, and emotional purchases are made more often than informed purchases. That’s where emotional advertising comes to play.

Not only does emotional advertising make more of an impact on audiences, but it also makes your content more shareable because it’s more relatable.

A Few Examples of Emotional Advertising Angles:

  • Happiness – When it comes to brand association, you wanna keep it on a high note. Funny, happy, entertaining content makes for positive brand association and more sharable content.
  • Pride – Appealing to your audience’s sense of pride makes them feel good about themselves. This can be in the form of things like activism, cultural topics, and achievements.
  • Fear – In some cases, fear can be a very effective emotion for immediate action. PSAs come to mind.
  • Anger – Anger is an approach that can help align an audience with a brand over a problem.
  • Greed – We live in a consumer society where people tend to want the newest and latest of everything. Raise your hand if you get FOMO easily.

Tips to Implement Emotional Advertising:

  1. Understand your audience’s motivations and preferences by building a buyer’s persona (or two).
  2. Use storytelling to make longer lasting emotional brand association.
  3. Keep it genuine to your brand or consumers will sniff out the inauthenticity.

Sometimes you just gotta hit ’em right in the feels. The full Stevens & Tate blog gives real brand examples using emotional advertising so check it out for more.

Q for You

Which emotion typically appeals to you the most when it comes to an advertisement?


Influencer marketing isn’t something you should jump right into without some research.

Sideqik combines AI-based social media tech with influencer marketing to provide brands advanced insights and steps to executing a strategy. It helps brands understand what has been influential in the past, has real-time social listening, and forecasts on what trends will be important to a company.

The Power of Flowers 🌸

How significant can a gesture be?

DoorDash released this mother’s day ad about how flowers are more than just a pretty gift. They can hold and create a lot of memories for a person. It’s a beautiful mini-film about one mother’s sentimental attachment to receiving flowers.

The DoorDash Memory Blooms promotion has passed, but the messaging stays strong.

Ads from the Past

1954, Whitman’s Chocolates


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