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Instagram? More Like Instacommerce

BIG moves coming from the ‘gram.

How 3 Women Broke Barriers in the Marketing World

Marketing Leading Ladies round 3 is here! If you’re unsure how to jumpstart your career. Get advice from women who made it in our industry 👇

Q1: What goals did you give yourself at the start of your career to get to where you are today?

“I found my entry point into thinking about my career by thinking about communities of purpose. In other words, I thought more about who I wanted to surround myself with and what change I wanted to create in the world than just what I wanted my job title to be.” 

– Sofiya Deva, VP of Marketing at ZenMedia

Q4: What is the biggest risk you’ve taken within your career?

“Quitting my stable job to try my luck in a new country! I knew at my first job in marketing at Universal Music that it didn’t feel right for me. I didn’t feel challenged in the right ways; I just couldn’t put my finger on what the problem was until I had left and started to be challenged in a totally new way.

When I quit my job at Universal, I was told it was an interesting move at that stage of my career. That decision now has me managing a team of more than 20 people in 4 cities around the world. If a risk feels right, bet on yourself; you know yourself better than anyone else.”

– Leilani Williams, Director of Social Media at Artisan Council

Q6: If you had all the marketers in the world’s attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?

“The beautiful thing about marketing is that although there are a ton of “best practices” and guidelines, at the end of the day, there are no set in stone rules. The best tactics are those you test and find work best for you and your audience, which is what allows for so many creative ideas to develop.”

– Cassie Gonzalez, Community/Brand Manager at OnePitch

TONS more to learn from these inspiring women…

Instagram Launches 3 New Features Ahead of the Shopping Season

Instagram is becoming submerged in e-commerce rather than just a social media platform. Have you heard the news? Marketing Land reports, “Users will now be able to find products via a business profile or video and save to a shopping collection.”

Let’s break this down.

Instagram launched 3 new shopping features on November 15th and you should be pumped. These features are giving retailers a greater chance to get in front of audiences.

1) The Shopping Collection. First off, we’re geeking out harder than Jess and Nick meeting Prince on New Girl. Users will be able to save the products they find from Shoppable Posts. It’s essentially a shopping cart function or a wish list. A holiday wish list…🎁

Whether a user is looking at Stories or skimming through their feed if there’s a product tag then that user is a tap away from saving that product to their “Collection.” This feature is available in the user’s profile making it too easy to browse saved items at a later time.

2) Shop via Video. Add shoppable tags to your videos just like regular posts. Honestly, this is just optimizing genius. Video content is wildly preferred in the social media realm and tying shoppable tags with video is just oozing with possibility.

3) The Shop tab! Imagine if your fans on Instagram could browse through your products at the click of a button from your IG profile. Yeah, it’s really, really real.

Crew, we are a week away from the busiest shopping week of the year. Releasing these features now isn’t a coincidence. Take advantage of these features because each is positioned to get you ahead of the noise this shopping season. Please, please don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Don’t have IG’s shoppable posts set up yet? We got you, boo! Click here to learn how!

A few newsworthy and noteworthy bites…

  1. New tool alert! Buffer just dropped the coolest tool ever: Instagram Stories Creator.
  2. LinkedIn rebuilt company pages from the ground up. We’re pretty stoked about their updates.
  3. Google is taking another shot at Facebook by launching a new Google My Business app.

Elton John Lewis

If you live in the US, you might not be familiar with John Lewis. It’s a high-end department store based in the UK. Kinda like Nordstrom. But John Lewis is known for their Christmas ads.

Their annual Christmas ad marks the start of the holiday season for many living in the UK. It’s always an exceptional, heartwarming ad with just the right amount of emotion.

And this year’s is no different. Well, there is one difference…their ad for this year features Elton freakin’ John.

We don’t wanna spoil a second of it so you’re gonna have to watch this one yourself 👇

“Words are free. Getting them wrong is expensive.”

Joanna Wiebe

Ads from the Past

Philco launched this 1958 ad showcasing the first swivel screen tv. They sold it for around $260-ish. In today’s dollars, that’s well over $2K.


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