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Invitation to Connect 🖇️

Your leads are on LinkedIn.

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How to Generate LinkedIn Leads

Is revisiting LinkedIn for connecting with prospects on your to-do list? Whether you’re planning an organic strategy or hoping to leverage LinkedIn ads, here are 5 not-spammy ways to capture and nurture leads on the platform:

  1. Optimize Your Company Page and Profile for Lead Generation
    • Add a custom button to your company page, which can link to your organization’s homepage, a lead magnet, a limited-time offer, or another resource. Use a CTA like “Register” or “Sign Up.”
    • Make sure your team members enable Creator Mode to help grow their followings, boost visibility for the organization, and generate data insights about your audience.
  2. Identify Your Target Audience
    • Use your organization’s buyer persona to define your target audience, including job title, corporate department, industry, experience level, location, pain points, and goals.
    • Use premium Sales Navigator’s account filters to find businesses that fit your ideal customer profile. Then, make a list of decision-makers.
    • Take advantage of LinkedIn’s Creator Analytics to see what content performs best and understand your demographics.
  3. Enhance Your Lead Generation Content Strategy
    • Share high-value, mid-funnel content designed for users in the consideration stage. Test LinkedIn articles, carousels, and documents for engagement.
    • Host a LinkedIn event to provide value for your audience and guide prospects toward the next step.
  4. Improve Your Organization’s Visibility
    • Set aside time to interact and engage with decision-makers on your feed.
    • Create a content plan for your founders, CEOs, and VPs to follow.
  5. Leverage LinkedIn Ads
    • Identify your top-performing lead magnets and use Campaign Manager to set up a lead generation campaign.
    • Promote some of your best native LinkedIn content.
    • Retarget leads who engaged with your lead form or event and prompt them to take the next step.

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Q for You

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We’re always searching for that Goldilocks moment. Delivering your brand’s message to the right people at the best time on the perfect platform is our favorite thing.

Let Carney help you find your people.

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