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Is AIO Clicking?

Google says yes, but watch your data.

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📹 TikTok Studio is a new management platform for creators.

⭐ Supercell launches new “Squad Busters” game with a star-studded, 5-minute film.

🏳️‍⚧️ GLAAD’s “Here We Are” campaign combats misinformation about trans people.

👻 Snapchat shares data on ad campaign performance.

👶 A new AI-powered app claims it can translate your baby’s cries.

📱 HMD’s smartphone merch (sunglasses, belts, and belts) are shaped like smartphones.

HMD Phonecore Accessories

Measure Google AIO’s Impact on Site Traffic

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Google rolled out AI Overviews (AIO) to U.S. search results on May 14, offering richer responses, often including summaries, brief explanations, and links to external websites.

While Google claims that links shared in AIOs receive higher CTR than the 10 blue links of a traditional SERP, this could be due to fewer clickable targets in the AIO interface. Google has been otherwise vague and evasive about CTR data.

AIO can reduce clicks on other search features, increasing the rate of zero-click searches, which could have significant implications for organic search traffic.

To measure the impact of AIO on your website traffic:

  • SERP Tracking Tool: Use tools like Authoritas to track AIO appearances in SERPs over time.
  • Web Analytics: Use Google Analytics to report on pages referred from Google containing #:~:text=.
  • Search Console Data: Use Search Console bulk export into BigQuery for detailed data on page-query combinations.

Reporting on these data sources helps estimate:

  • How often AIO appears for a query.
  • How often your website is shown in AIO.
  • How often your site gets clicks from AIO.

Check out the full post by Swipe Insight.

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Have you begun tracking the impact of AOI on your website traffic?


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Gatorade Is It In You

Is It In You?

Gatorade has brought back its iconic “Is It In You?” tagline in a new campaign featuring Caitlin Clark and A’Ja Wilson and narrated by Michael Jordan.

This 60-second film addresses the intensifying pressure that today’s athletes face, informed by the statistic that over half of Gen Z athletes who stopped playing sports cited unrealistic expectations as the cause.

Ads from the Past

Gatorade, 1986

Gatorade, 1986


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