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Is Your Content on 🔥?

If not, we’ve got some tips on how to light it on fire.

5 Psychological Insights to Improve Your Content Marketing

What’s up sugar plums!

Content Marketing Institue is shaking up our morning with a little psychology. That’s right we’re playing mind games.

Well, sorta. CMI wants y’all to make sound decisions when creating content so they’re arming us with tips based on human habit.

1. Cognitive Fluency

That mouth full of technical terminology means use simple words. The easier your content is to digest, the more likely your audience will be hooked and keep engaged.


  • Explain complex products in basic terms
  • Focus on one topic per blog post, video, or web page
  • Use eye-catching graphics to quickly communicate the message

2. Social Proof

How many of you buy something immediately after seeing an ad on FB? You’re one brave soul if you do.

The majority clutch to that possible product. Examine its purpose. Bring in professionals, like BFF Stephanie who’s tried something similar once, etc.

2/3 of consumers trust word of mouth over any marketed content. So, think about how you can show personality or thoughts in your ads.


  • Use real-life case studies in your content
  • Encourage customers to leave reviews
  • Encourage UGC

3. Perceptual Set Theory

CMI explains, “We select what we pay attention to, infer how it works based on experience, and combine current circumstances with past knowledge to interpret what to do.”


  • Creating a logical flow through your landing page
  • Include obvious call to actions
  • No need to overexplain

4. Models of Persuasion

Relate to the Fogg Behavior Model when creating content. Motivation and ability influence buyers and the trigger helps carry out the action.


  • Increase motivation by staying relevant
  • Encourage action with a compelling trigger
  • Content should include motivation, ability, and a trigger

5. Color

Leveraging color in a consistent way is super useful in marketing. CMI reported that people judge a new product within 90 secs of seeing it. Up to 90% of that assessment is based on color.

It’s kinda like buying a new iPhone. Besides the basics, like needing to text people, all you know is that rose gold is totes ahhhh-dorable!


  • Evoke emotion with color
  • Present your brand colors in a consistent way
  • Contrasting colors make CTAs stand out

Writing content? Read this one!

The Proven Content Strategy If You Have <1000 Organic Visits/Month

We got news for you. Your content strategy needs to be tailored to your domain authority and the amount of organic traffic you get each month.

What works for HubSpot won’t work for you if your website barely gets 1,000 organic visitors per month. What works for Salesforce won’t work for you if your domain authority is under 20.

If either one of those is the case for you, Nectafy has a few tips to add some fuel to your content strategy fire in today’s Read.

First things first: your gotta determine your organic traffic and domain authority. Organic traffic can be found in Google Analytics. Domain Authority (DA) can be found by using Moz’s Open Site Explorer or MozBar.

DA is basically a ranking of how trustworthy your website is. A brand new website will have a DA of 0/100. While a website like HubSpot has a 90/100.

So once you’ve got those numbers figured out, it’s time put a strategy in place.

First, you need to start writing blog posts about non-competitive keywords. You can use a tool like SEMRush to find keywords that have a lower competition. If your industry is overrun with high ranking and high DA websites, these could be some really obscure keywords.

Nectafy recommends 5 topics that usually have little to no competition:

  • Comparison posts: Find two things in your industry that people often compare and write about how they’re similiar/different.
  • Review posts: Review some popular products in your industry.
  • KPI posts: Everyone is focused on KPIs these days. Write about the best KPIs for your industry.
  • Templates, examples, and checklist posts: You probably know exactly what we’re talking about.
  • Terminology/dictionary/glossary posts: These might not be fun to write, but a post like, “128 HR Terms You Need to Know” will definitely get some traffic (if you work in HR).

Shoot, we’re outta room and didn’t even cover getting inbound links low DA websites. Take the jump for the rest ↓

Olivia’s New Frames

What do you want to be when you grow up?

We heard this question countless times as kids. We were told, “You can be anything you want as long as you put your mind to it.” Betcha, back then, it felt like the entire world was at your fingertips.

Pearle Vision’s newest ad follows a young girl whose dreams are endless. She wants to be an astronaut, a professional tennis player, maybe an archery extraordinaire.

This girly has dreams of being like the women in her history books who’ve changed the world.

But, it seems like there’s always one thing standing in the way of her dreams. Her vision (like…her actual vision…eyesight). Once she’s given a pair of round gold-rimmed glasses, she’s set to become whoever she wants to be.

This video is filled with feel-good vibes, you need to check it out.

“Viral marketing is almost like finding love. You have to stop doing it to actually make it happen.”

Tim Topham

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