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It’s Prime Day folks

plus – evergreen content that works, on-demand coffee and prunes.

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Evergreen Content Formats for Long-Term Success

If you’re involved with content marketing, SEO or any type of web-based marketing, you’ve likely heard the phrase “evergreen content.”

Evergreen content defined:

‘Evergreen content is search-optimized content that is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers over a long period of time.’

Technically, anything you post on the interwebs will be discoverable. The goal is to have your posts be searchable, valuable and timely. Here are some evergreen content formats that’ll get you on the right track.

  1. Reference ‘books’ for tools: If your audience uses any type of online tools, create a go-to reference guide for them. Break down the tools into one or several articles. Keep it updated and don’t use a date in your URL. Brian Dean does a killer job on his site with his top SEO tools.
  2. Glossaries: Create an industry-specific glossary. Why it works? The terms rarely change and they’re easy to update. Here’s one from ‘The Balance’ for you all you marketers out there.
  3. Infographics: Yep, they’re still a thing. The beauty of infographics lies in the fact that they break down a system or process in a digestible, appealing way. Pick a timeless theme and include all of the stats.
  4. Q&A interviews: Interviews are a great (and relatively simple) form of evergreen content. Find an in-house or industry expert and grill them with questions. If you wanna get fancy, create a video of the interview and include a transcript in the post.

See a few more forms of evergreen content below.

But First Coffee

Where our coffee drinkers at?

You’re gonna like this one. Enter Cloosiv.

Cloosiv makes it easy to order ahead and pick up coffee from hundreds of local coffee shops across the country.

Skip the line and get caffeinated.

Face ID

Apple keeps it simple and relevant in its latest ad spot for iPhone. Nothing like a good nap.

‘Face ID is even easier and more secure than Touch ID. That’s iPhone.’

Ads from the Past

Nothing like some bran and prune to kick your day off. Post 1964.


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