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The Daily Carnage

Just the way we roll 😎

Giant snowballs & the weekly roundup.

(pssst – see the answer to today’s trivia Q at the bottom!)

Who was the first African American Nobel Peace Prize winner?

What We Learned

Monday: Comparably showed us how 14 companies are celebrating Black History Month. GE Power is hosting a speaker series through its GE African American Forum, Adobe is supporting underrepresented creatives through various campaigns and showcases, and Who What Wear is increasing its employee donation match to 200% to support the fight for social justice and combat racism.

Tuesday: Branch walked us through best practices to secure user opt-in on iOS 14.

  • Test a prompt that provides context to Apple’s modal.
  • Explain the value proposition of opting in.
  • Optimize the timing of your ask.

Wednesday: Databox listed 7 tips to improve your Facebook Ad quality ranking. Tips include:

  • Incorporate video ads.
  • Don’t run your ad too often.
  • Avoid clickbait and use high-quality content.
  • Be straightforward.
  • Test as often as you can.

Thursday: Jeff Bullas shared the 9 most inspiring influencer marketing campaigns of all time. Among them are Hilton’s Seven Urban Wonders campaign, Diageo and Nick Offerman, and Nike and What’s Inside?

Join the Conversation

Kristi asked, “Is there an emoji plugin for chrome or some hack that I’m missing on my desktop? As a social poster for our org I loathe having to use my phone to post emojis.”

Ryan wrote, “Anyone use a proposal software that they really like? I could use some suggestions, I’m tired of PDF hell. Thanks!”

Pamela wants to know, “How do you price an hourly rate as an independent contractor? ”

Laura inquired, “Can anyone recommend good giveaway/contest software?”


Have you ever rolled a snowball down a hill and watched it grow, and grow, and grow…

…then you’re looking on in terror as the gargantuan snowball amasses people, cars, and homes before it’s large enough to consume entire cities?

Then it becomes so big it develops its own orbit and Earth succumbs to its gravitational pull?

No? Oh, OK.

Well, how about an email newsletter that grows super fast because of a killer referral tool at the bottom? If that’s what you’re looking for, then Scalemail has you covered.*


*not covered against planet-threatening snowballs

The Fine 25 Cocktail


  • 1 oz. gin, preferably an orange floral gin such as Thomas Dakin
  • 1 oz. maraschino liqueur, such as Luxardo
  • 1 strip orange peel
  • Edible silver-leaf powder, for coating the rim of the glass
  • Champagne, for topping the cocktail
  • Thyme sprigs, for decorating (optional)


  1. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake the gin and liqueur.
  2. Rub the orange peel along the rim and/or sides of a coupe glass. Pour the silver-leaf powder onto a saucer, and upend the glass onto the saucer to coat the rim and/or sides of the glass. Drop the orange peel into the glass.
  3. Strain the cocktail into the glass, and top with Champagne. Decorate with thyme sprigs, if you like. Serve immediately.

Recipe from Fine Cooking

Ads from the Past

1960, Star-Kist

Who was the first African American Nobel Peace Prize winner?

Ralph Bunche


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