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Know, Do and Go

plus – Walmart’s big move, Budweiser for Dads and your search intent guide.

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Your Search Intent Guide

It’s that time…

If you’re new here, we talk about SEO stuff every Monday.

You’ve probably heard about search intent a time or two. We’re gonna break it down with a quick and easy guide.

What the heck is search intent?

Think of search intent as the goal of the person using the search engine. Search intent is crucial for a solid SEO strategy.

There are 3 types of search intent:

  • Informational Searches: Let’s say you want to build your own planter box. You’d likely search for “how to build a planter box.” This type of search is informational. Think of it as the research phase. You likely aren’t converting with an informational search.
  • Transactional Searches: Ok, now you’re ready to make a purchase. A transactional search would be something like, “best coffee makers under $100.”
  • Navigational Searches: Let’s say you want Lululemon shorts. You’d likely search for ‘Lululemon shorts.’ This is a navigational search because your user already knows where they’re going.

Google put their own spin on the original search intent distinctions with the following:

Know (informational), Do (transactional), and Go (navigational).

If you wanna nerd out and see how Google defines these 3 types of searches, head over to the quality rater guidelines here.

Now that you know more about search intent, make sure you check out the tool section below to make know, do and go actionable. 👇

Keyword Keg

Ready to find keywords that convert based on what your audience is looking for?

Enter Keyword Keg. Keyword Keg is a suite of three keyword research tools.

The beauty of Keyword Keg is that it gives you data from 11 suggest APIs for the broadest set of keywords. Give it a try today.

For the Fathers Who Stepped Up

Budweiser did a thing last week for Father’s Day.

Check out their long(ish) form video celebrating the bond between stepfathers and their stepchildren.

It’s a bit of a tear-jerker, not gonna lie.

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