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The Top Tools for Marketing Research

Conducting your own market research is a great way to determine what customers are looking for, industry trends, and new ways your product can fill gaps. Thanks to the internet…research can be backed by a wider net and is super accessible to the average person.

ToolsRush put together a list of over 25 easy-to-use (and mostly free) research tools out there! We can’t fit them all, but we wanted to list some of our favorites from each category.

Statistics: Pew Research Center for its reliable demographic information and industry statuses

Content Research: Feedly because it aggregates and tracks internet content into one place

Survey Tools: Typeform for its beautiful surveys and an amazing dashboard to analyze responses

Social Insights: Make My Persona for, as the name suggests, easy consumer persona generating

Research Automation: Zapier for the full-scale workflow automation and all its integrations

Ready to get your own research show on the road? When it comes to research, it helps to have a plan. Keep a few questions in mind before you get started:

  • What are you trying to find out?
  • What kind of information is available?
  • Where do you get the data from and how reliable is it?

Check out the full ToolsRush list to see what resources you could use for marketing research.

Q for You

On a scale of 1-5, 5 being as prepared as possible, how prepared do you feel with your current marketing strategies and plans?

Facebook Ads Report Template

Facebook ad campaigns can come with a whole bunch of performance data. But what are you gonna do with all of it? Optimizing the reporting process is critical for any agency or brand looking to make the most of this popular channel.

Thats where NinjaCats reliable, white-labeled Facebook Ads Report Template is here for you! This report template presents data about activities, as well as campaign performance metrics. It provides a snapshot of the most important metrics for the reporting period and lets you highlight the specific ads that are performing well.

Check it out and see the rest of their free marketing report template gallery!

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When You’re Strange

People have some strange habits and preferences for just about everything. That’s the beauty of humans, right? Our uniqueness.

But sometimes those habits just don’t make much sense, or we can get stuck in our old ways. YouTube’s YouTube TV is trying to change the way we watch TV, but this ad is arguing all the silly habits we’ve picked up from cable.

Ads from the Past

1958, Tobasco


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