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“Lunch party? It’s supposed to say Launch Party!”

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How to Promote an Article: 76 Content Promotion Strategies for Blog Content

We talk a lot about what kind of content to create, how to create it, and so on. Though, the job doesn’t end with a beautiful, value-packed piece of content. You have to tell people about it too.

Orbit Media broke down the process into 3 phases: Pre-publishing, launch-day, and post-launch promotion. Let’s dive in!

  • This first phase is about preparing your article to gain the best traction. Before going live, you’ll want to make sure you have these boxes checked off:
    • Ask a related question on social media. Build a conversation around the content topic to peak interest. Then keep tabs on those who did engage so you can connect again when the piece goes live.

Tip: Ask easily answerable, multiple-choice Qs for low engaged audiences, and deeper, open-ended convo starters for highly-engaged audiences.

    • Include quotes from experts and influencers. By adding mentions to your content, you’ll have the opportunity to give shout-outs on social.
  • There are countless, creative strategies to dive into on launch day. Organic social post aside, here are two strategies from the many listed:
    • Add the link to a chatbot flow. Ready for a pro-tip? For all those folks who don’t fit as a potential customer, keep them engaged by giving them relevant content.
    • Add a link to your 404-page or a Thank You page. Make these pages opportunities, not dead-ends.
  • When it comes to evergreen content, continue promotion for 6 to 12 months after publishing to solidify your post-launch strategy by…
    • Scheduling 8-10 future social posts. For example, if the article is relevant to a holiday, schedule posts for that day.
    • Post an excerpt of your article on LinkedIn Pulse or Google My Business. After organic traction slows down, make it visible to a new audience through different platforms, and add a CTA that leads to the original piece on your site.

Click through to check out several more tips to add to your promotion strategy!


Keeping up with promotion strategies, we’re all about the repurposing life. There’s something about transforming written blogs into digestible snippets that’s just so satisfying.

Take infographics, for example. Breaking down a long blog post into a visual-friendly piece becomes easily shareable and limits info overwhelm. And Piktochart is a highly-rated tool. Use eye-catching, easily customizable templates from Piktochart to share your content and spread your message on social!

From Charco With Love

Many things we looked forward to has been canceled. Things like concerts, trips, weddings, movies, and so much more. The reality is that it’s not a good time for these things. But it is a good time for not these things.

The Oak Cliff Film Festival has revamped and renamed itself to fit the times: Not The Oak Cliff Film Festival. That’s right, what’s happening is precisely that it’s not happening.

Confused? Well, the person in this video is trying to grasp the concept too, so we’re not alone!

Ads from the Past

1979, Bally

“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”

Christopher McCandless


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