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Let’s Change the Topic

Topic modeling, clusters, and a sweet holiday snow globe.

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I Got 99 Problems … And They’re All Related to Keywords

SEO isn’t just about keywords, listicles, or interrogative statements these days. (Think: How do I teach my dog to sit?) It’s all about the content, baby. It’s great that the algorithm is picking up on actually useful content, but it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start with your own content.

Search Engine Journal essentially breaks it down to topic modeling and topic clusters.

Don’t worry if that doesn’t immediately click, think of it this way:

Topic modeling

Topic modeling works like this: rather than just hitting on specific terms, you’re providing more context which lets Google know more precisely what and what isn’t covered in your page or article.

Topic cluster

A topic cluster is basically a series of pages with related content that all tie together. You’ll want to start with a main page that flows out to related sub-content.

Google is really looking for pages that show that they’re experts in a field or topic, have credibility and will provide the most useful or interesting content. Read the full post from SEO Journal to maximize your SEO and content.

Q for You

Are you still on Twitter?

A Must-Read State of Marketing Report by Salesforce


Did you know marketers are citing ineffective use of tools and tech as their #1 challenge?

In Salesforce’s 8th State of Marketing report, tap into the trends reshaping the marketing landscape today. Drawn from a survey of 6,000 leading marketers and 2 trillion+ marketing communications worldwide, see how marketers are:

  • Prioritizing cost-savings and efficiency in the face of economic uncertainty
  • Preparing for the retirement of third-party cookies
  • Removing silos to enhance the customer experience
  • Innovating to meet evolving customer needs

Our Favorite Topic

… is our client work! We’ve created super cute and engaging animations for Duolingo, a lightning fast digital collection for the Carnegie Museum of Art and eye-catching digital ads for Dick’s Sporting Goods, to name a few.

Let’s talk about your favorite topic: Your company.

If a Snow Globe Came to Life

Taika Waititi is on a roll with directing ads that hit.

Amazon’s new holiday ad, with its dreamy Indie tunes and warm holiday feels, wraps around you like your favorite winter blanket.

It follows a dad whose kid has an emotional support snow globe, and his quest to replicate a full-sized version of it. It’ll make your daily Amazon delivery feel like a special holiday treat.

Ads from the Past

1964, Roller Derby Boards


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