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Let’s get this bread 🥖

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Types of TikTok Ads & How to Use Them

Like it or not, TikTok is hot. For as large as it is as a platform, many brands are still hesitant about advertising on it. But it’s actually pretty rad. It’s popular af. It’s personalized for users. It’s interactive! So…why not TikTok? Just look at the ad options:

  • Branded Hashtag Challenges: This invites users to create and share videos of their own and attach the branded hashtag. Who doesn’t love some UGC love?
  • Top View Campaigns: This ad type displays on the screen of users when they first open the app for about 2 seconds with a “Skip” button at the top right corner before going to their feed.
  • In-Feed Videos: In-Feed ads appear alongside the regular content of TikTok on the “For You” page. A sponsored tag and CTA button will appear. There’s also an option to run a
  • One Day Max Ads: This is a 15 second (one day only) In-Feed Video Ad that appears in the 4th position on users “For You” page.
  • Branded Effects: Users love filters, stickers, effects to use. Branded Effects appear within the TikTok effects library and are customizable.
  • Affiliate Marketing: TikTok is super helpful in providing first party data to help you choose the best creator to partner up with.
  • Boosted Organic Posts: You can boost organic posts on TikTok to aid in growing your following on your page.
  • Collection Ads: Collection ads on TikTok provide clickable tiles at the bottom of your video and can integrate with Shopify.
  • Dynamic Product Ads: Ad templates are customized based on user preferences.
  • Shoppable Livestream: Community Commerce is customized by creators to build brand awareness and consideration.

TikTok is more than just dance challenges and memes now. Check out Seer Interactive’s full article for examples of brands crushing it!

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Crystal Clear

Stereotypes? Break them. Expectations? Defy them. Limits? There are none. This Sprite ad is all about acceptance and the acceleration of you being you. Called their “Let’s Be Clear” campaign, Sprite is encouraging everyone to be as transparent as their bottle when it comes to being yourself.

Ads from the Past

1960, Kraft

Good morning everybody, let’s get this bread.

Panera Bread


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