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Audio as Marketing’s Next Frontier

We’ve touched on sonic branding here and there, but how important is it? It’s everchanging and users are continuing to consume audio in different ways. The Drum and podcasting platform Acast dive into all things audio on a panel discussion called ‘Hear me out: The future of creative is sound.’ 

Here are the big notes:

Choose Your Fighter: There are a lot of options out there for audio. Sponsoring a podcast or running an advert on a podcast is likely to raise brand awareness, but creating a podcast from scratch is ideal for changing perceptions around a brand given its high audience engagement and long listening times.

Strategize before entering: Sonic and audio branding is undeniably an important part of a modern media plan. But testing and learning are prerequisites. Creators need to have content their audience will value and actually deliver. It’s good to know what works in your other channels before taking on new content mediums. 

Digitizing audio: Brands get more from audio, not only because of an uptick in listening habits but because analytics make audio more accountable and monetizable.

New branded format: With audio, advertising can shift instead into branded content spots. Making audio immersive and suggestive can end up being much more effective than an all talk ad. BUT directness has its place, too. It’s all about the content you can creatively bring to the audio table.

For the full scoop, check out The Drum’s panel.

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How likely are you to advertise with a game streaming service like Twitch?


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I vant to suck your ink 🦇

At this point, at-home printers are usually left to the wayside because they are out of ink. HP’s ad series using a vampire couple is advertising their ink subscription service. So while this undead duo might need ink in the middle of the night, or to print a lifetime of spooky photos, HP has them covered.

Ads from the Past

1947, Coca-Cola

“One person’s data is another person’s noise.”

K.C. Cole


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