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Let’s Talk About Feelings

Getting emotional in here today. Dive on in…

How to Trigger an Emotional Response from Your Customers

We’re talking about feelings today. Yes, cold hard emotional, feelings. Because when people feel something, they’re more likely to act on it. But tapping into feelings take time, energy, and no one likes to do it.

So, we settle for “This shovel is the coolest since sliced bread. Buy it.” Instead of “Remember that tree you climbed as a kid? The freedom you felt when you reached the top. Let’s plant more. We even picked out a shovel just for you.”

Wanna know the point of all this feelings/shovel talk? It’s all Neil Patel’s fault… No, not really. But sorta. Neil says sales are generated by triggering an emotional response.

Here are the best ways to do it…

Build Trust. People give money to those they trust, so be a trustworthy brand. It’s that simple. Ready for an eye-opener? Neil reports print ads, tv ads, and catalogs as the top trustworthy advertising channels. People don’t fully trust digital content. And it kinda makes sense. Looking at you Facebook…

Make sure you’re building credibility by:

  • Showcasing customer testimonials
  • Display contact information
  • Secure your checkout process

Create FOMO. It’s the fear of missing out. But there are multiple ways of doing this. For a business specializing in home security, advertising a video of a home getting robbed would scare people enough into thinking they need an alarm too.

For a shoe brand, simply showing how many shoes left will create fear that someone may not be able to have the shoes.

Do it by:

  • Have a countdown running when it comes to a discount promotion
  • Showcase the number of people currently purchasing the product/service.
  • Put an alert telling people there’s a limited number available

Give a little inspiration. The best, and most recent example is Nike. Hands down. Whether you agree with their stance or not, this shoe brand is out to inspire. Nike’s latest tagline says it all “It’s only a crazy dream, until you do it.”

Crew, there are 7 more tips. And it’s from Neil so tune into this one…

23 SEO & Search Takeaways from Google’s Gary Illyes

Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst (basically the keeper of the algorithm), Gary Illyes, recently dropped some knowledge at the opening keynote of PubCon (which, surprisingly, is a marketing conference. Not a conference about pubs. Although we’d attend that too).

Anyway, back to Gary. His keynote was all about Google’s ranking factors. Search Engine Journal distilled everything he said down to 23 takeaways. We’ve got 6 of them for you right here:

1) Good URLs Are Critical. Can’t say this enough…URL structure matters. If your shiny new blog post has a complex URL, Google isn’t gonna love you. The search engine still might like you, but a simpler URL with similar content will be ranked higher. Keep your URL focused on only the keywords

  • Bad: example.com/blog/10/19/this-is-our-shiny-new-blog-post
  • Good: example.com/blog/new-post

2) Switch to HTTPS. Users like it, Google likes it, just make the switch. In most instances, it’s a pretty easy switch to make.

3) Get yourself a sitemap. Google loves backlinks, right? Well, Google also loves sitemaps. Make sure you have one. It’s an easy thing to overlook. You can check here.

4) Start internal linking. Link to other parts of your website. It’s simple. When you write a blog post and mention one of your keywords, link that keyword to your top ranking page for that keyword.

5) Metadata still matters. Specifically, meta-descriptions. If you’re not writing unique meta-descriptions for each page, you’re missing out.

6) Speed is super important. Google is all about providing their users with great experiences. So, if your website loads slowly, Google isn’t going to provide your website as an option for searchers. It’s that simple. Get your website to perform faster.

Google recommends using Lighthouse to check this. (We don’t wanna toot our own horn, but if speed is what you’re after, our dev team knows what they’re doing when it comes to site speed improvements. Let us know if we can help.)

Like we said, there’s 6. It’s up to you for the other 17…

Feed Your Nightmares


Every October, brands come out with amazing, terrifying ads. Like these from Mars last October. But this year, there’s been nothing.

But today, we finally…wait…no…this ad isn’t scary either. What gives!?

Burger King did take a good shot with this one, though. They created a burger that’s supposed to give nightmares to those brave enough to eat it. We’re imagining Freddy Krueger invading our dreams after eating this.

So does it actually work? Is it all BS? Find out in their latest ad…

(P.S. If you’ve come across any terrifying ads, reply to this email and let us know.)

“The future of marketing belongs to honest information, accurate data and clear claims based on truth.”

Patrick Dixon

Ads from the Past

Halloween is coming. If you all want to send some Tootsie Rolls our way, we wouldn’t mind…

This ad comes from 1950, but if you’re gonna send us candy, please get it from 2018.


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