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Let’s talk about S-E-O

plus – outranking your competition, easy markups, and trampolines.

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Do These 5 Things to Rank Higher

Happy Monday y’all. It kinda felt like a holiday weekend, right? Soon enough.

If you’re new here, we talk about SEO on Mondays. Let’s go!

What’s one thing we all want to do when it comes to SEO?

A. Outrank the competition

How do we do it? That’s a loaded question, but we feel like the 5 following steps will help.

  1. Code: SEJ says it best…Having good underlying code won’t get you rankings. But not having good underlying code will keep you from ranking. Your forward facing code is very important to search engines. Considering we keep these emails short and sweet, we suggest you head over to YouTube and watch some of the endless, free videos on SEO code.
  2. Content: The times have changed folks. Keyword stuffing is futile. If you want to win with SEO, your content needs to match what people are actually searching for. And yes, you need to use your keywords in your content. Focus on your user first, then make your content effective for search engines.
  3. Connections: Links still matter. The “right” links matter even more. Spend time reaching out to people and sites that’ll pay off in the long run. If you’re wondering how to evaluate the quality of a link, click here.
  4. Communications: While social media won’t provide you with direct SEO benefits, it’s crucial for the success of any SEO program. Why? Brand recognition will drive clicks. If you want to stand apart from the crowd, focus on building relationships through social media.
  5. Capture: You’ve heard it before, and we’ll say it again…it’s all about the data. You need to understand the intent of the person landing on your site. Without data, SEO is just a guessing game. Dive into your site analytics to understand where your SEO is and needs to go.


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Life is a Trampoline

Apple is at it again with another catchy commercial.


  1. We want to jump on a trampoline immediately.
  2. The beat is catchy.

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