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How to Write a Call to Action: Increase Your Conversions with 16 Proven Tips for Creating CTAs

What’s the most compelling CTA you’ve ever seen? Was it in one of Sara McLachlan’s ASPCA commercials? Those will stir up an emotional response to say the least. Or how about Wikipedia’s call for donations? Whatever it is, it probably struck you regardless of whether or not you converted. Take a look at these 16 proven tips for creating CTAs from Databox.

  • Attract a user with a clear and concise CTA. Don’t beat around the bush with your Call To Action. The key word is ‘Action’; make sure visitors on your site know exactly what action you wish for them to take. Don’t forget to make clear why following through on the CTA will benefit them.
  • Use action verbs in your CTA. Again, ‘Action’ is the winning word. Don’t be vague with your CTA. Do you want them to download something? Subscribe? Donate? Share? Start with a verb so the reader knows exactly what to do.
  • Match your CTA and landing page intent. If your visitor clicks your CTA, take them to a page where they can execute on the action. If your CTA offers a discount code, then take them to a page where they can claim or redeem the discount. Don’t make them feel like they’re sitting through a timeshare presentation. Give them what they want.
  • Keep a neutral tone in your CTA text. Being pushy with a CTA won’t help you. The visitor knows they don’t have to follow through with your CTA. If you’re pushy, you’ll only push them away. Present the CTA, but don’t force them into it.
  • Create curiosity and anticipation in your CTA. Build urgency or scarcity. Visitors may feel they can come back and follow through with your CTA whenever they please. This probably won’t drive the kind of result you want. Let them know your CTA should be addressed now.

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Redirect Tracker

Not every CTA is created equal. Some will link you to what you’re looking for. Some may just be spam. If you’re ever unsure, use Redirect Tracker.

Links can send you all over the place. Some links are shortened so you don’t have any hint of where it will take you. Simply copy and paste your link into this tool and find out where it’s trying to send you.

Grindin’ With Tony Hawk

We’ve seen some eye-opening PSAs in the past year. Most have centered around COVID-19, but there are more to be found.

The Real Cost brings us this PSA about smoking. Tony Hawk is reduced to a pair of lungs skating alongside a younger pair of lungs. Turns out “Little Lungs” has stunted growth from smoking. It’s a unique way to illustrate the point, to say the least.

Ads from the Past

1949, Velveeta

“Don’t think of pitching. Think of offering. The offer is better than a pitch.”

Sonia Simone


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