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Living in a phygital world 🛍

Some sick examples of physical and digital marketing coming together in retail.

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The Need for ‘Evolved Phygital’: Ramping Up the Experience

Phygital is one of those words that make you go “why didn’t I think of that?” Phygital is meshing online and offline tactics. It has especially hit retail experiences hard by being the new standard for shopping.

Some simple phygital solutions:

  • Social media: Instagram and Facebook can be great outlets for offering incentives to users who perform an action in-store. You can also do the reverse, inviting in-store customers to subscribe or tag to get a special offer in return.
  • Pop-up and temporary stores: A company that operates exclusively online might open a pop-up store or improvised booth. Sometimes physical is the way to go, sometimes virtual.

But let’s put this baby into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE. What does an evolved phygital experience look like?

  • The Usual Suspects: More and more restaurants, retail environments, and any instance for contactless customer service are using digital displays and touch screens. QR codes have been reborn as the standard gateway to most in-person transactions nowadays.
  • The Hybrids: International retailers are innovating when it comes to combining their social media and physical shopping environments. “Smart hangers” showing reviews, likes, and real-time online purchasing are creating a more in-tune buying experience for customers.

There are a lot of things to think about when considering options in phygital tactics. This past year, online shopping was the only retail experience for most consumers. Digital integrations are now the expected nuances in a shopping experience. This is especially true as smart displays become less of a financial investment and social media stays an integral part of integrated strategies.

Get more insight on phygital examples and trends by checking out the rest of the Marketing Tech News article.

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1963, Wyler & Co.

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