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15 Examples of Brands with Great Local Marketing Campaigns

Local marketing is all about getting products or services in front of people in a specific area. Even the largest international brands don’t underestimate the power of local-level marketing. Do you need some inspiration on how to do it for your own business or client?

Marvia is a local marketing platform and they gave 15 examples of brands with killer local marketing. Here are our top 5.

No. 1 – Nike’s Londoner Campaign: The athletics brand typically leverages internationally recognized athletes. Instead, they used the entire city of London. Nike used characters of London’s city residents to promote their products. It has specific, local humor that can translate to other cities as well.

No. 2 – Tiger Beer’s District Party: Tiger Beer celebrated the neighborhoods of Singapore (their headquarter city) with custom bottles and local events. The brand also loves supporting local food venues in Singapore.

No. 3 – Royal Caribbean’s Mother’s Day Campaign: Royal Caribbean posted motherly advice for each country’s tourism attractions to localize and personalize the content. It was a clever tie-in to the holiday without leaning into the typical Mother’s Day gifts, while celebrating specific destinations.

No. 4 – PLUS Supermarket’s Monopoly Boards: PLUS Supermarket in the Netherlands had a local promotion where residents can save for a special Monopoly game of their village. It gained great engagement and encouraged suggestions from locals.

No. 5 – Morrisons’ Local Food Bank Donations: One of the best local marketing tactics is simply teaming up with local businesses and non-profits. Morrisons is a supermarket company with a bag-buying program that gives proceeds to a local food bank. Morrisons gains local favor, the local food bank gains donations, it’s a win-win!

Check out Marvia’s full post for all 15 examples of great local marketing campaigns.

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How to Scale Your Business with Online Reviews

Online reviews are the biggest source of social proof today and an essential part of the decision-making process of customers. Around 89% of consumers say they make the effort to read online reviews before buying products online.

Knowing how to use online reviews to your advantage will separate your business from the competition. Let Mention help you out with that!

In this guide from Mention, you’ll understand:

  • Why review monitoring is essential to your business in 2022
  • How you can start monitoring your online reviews with Mention
  • Key tactics on how to build an online review strategy that’s focused on growth
  • Tips to respond to positive and negative reviews

Grab your free eBook to start owning your business’s reputation and maximize your growth in 2022.

Scalemail Polls

Polls and surveys are great tools for gathering insight directly from your audience. Wanna inject some Qs into your newsletter? Check out Scalemail Polls.

Scalemail Polls is a polling system that can be implemented into your email system so you can ask your audience quick questions.

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Desperate Times Calls for Desperate Mountain Water

What in water witchcraft is Liquid Death up to??

They released this ad letting everyone know that they are betting on the underdog in this year’s Super Bowl. They’re gonna ensure their $50,000 bet is a winner by “cheating.” How? By hiring a witch off the internet (duh, where else do you get one?). If their bet wins, they are donating half of their winnings to fight plastic pollution.

We’re looking forward to this supernatural Super Bowl outcome.

Ads from the Past

1962, Kelloggs

“When in doubt, choose change.”

Lily Leung


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