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MailChimp’s Magical Marketing

Okay, it’s not magic. But, it is awesome.

How to Use Surveying to Boost Your Conversions  

We love a good survey here at TDC—you might have noticed by the surveys we occasionally include, or post in our Facebook Group… We’re even suckers for the new polls in Instagram stories. 

When you want to better understand your audience, surveys help you go right to the source, and get answers fast. You just have to make sure you’re asking the right types of questions—ones that people want to answer.

Today’s little Listen from Marketing School is talkin’ these types of questions. Plus, tools you can use to make your own surveys and track their data. All in a hot 3 minutes.

  • (00:40) The more creative you are with your surveys, the more leads will answer them.
  • (00:50) Neil Patel shares how he helped his co-host, Eric with his surveys for Single Grain
  • (01:17) From your blog page, for example, you can use surveys to retrieve any kind of feedback.
  • (01:25) Surveys can also be used for your pricing page.
  • (01:55) You can use tools like, Qualaroo, Hotjar and Survey Monkey to make your survey. Google also has its own tool.
  • (02:15) Why you should should be actively surveying.
  • (02:37) Keep your surveys short with with high impact questions that are right for your business. This super-helpful post on Kissmetrics is all about “survey questions that work.”
  • (03:05) They key to knowing how long your survey should be.

Keepin’ it short for everyone on this post-Halloween-weekend Monday.

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Growth Study: MailChimp’s Magical Marketing

A few mind-blowing stats about MailChimp:

  • They’re the 979th most visited website in the world. Whoa.
  • In 2016, they pulled in $400,000,000 in revenue.
  • Their platform sent 246 billion emails last year (really brings a new meaning to email overload).

Right, so those are some insane numbers. And it made us wonder, what’s their marketing strategy that got them to that point? As you’ve probably guessed, we’ve got the scoop for you today.

You’re gonna wanna take notes…

  1. Move People Down Your Marketing Funnel With Facebook Ads. We’ve been over this many times. Facebook ads are great for pushing people down your funnel. Doesn’t matter if you’re B2B or B2C. MailChimp (B2B) uses custom audiences with huge results.
  2. Run a Truly Creative Marketing Campaign. You know how when you misspell something in Google, it says “Did you mean…” MailChimp took advantage of this by creating and advertising a bunch of fake products that sound like their name – MailShrimp, MaleCrimp, FailChips, etc. When someone performed a search for those products, Google would helpfully redirect them to MailChimp. That’s…maybe our favorite marketing campaign ever.
  3. Advertise Your Business Using Niche Sponsorship. MailChimp sponsors a ton of podcasts. One of the more successful podcasts they sponsored early on was Serial. They identified that this podcast would be listened to by a heck of a lot of people; some of which would be interested in their product. Podcasts are becoming more and more popular. Maybe time to consider it for your brand…
  4. Use a “Content Series” to Target Your Highest Value Customers. MailChimp’s highest value customers are agencies. They took that info and created a whole content hub built to help marketers in agencies. Are you doing that with your content? Or, are you just creating general content? Something to think about.

That’s only four. Still six more in today’s Read

Xfinity’s Neighborhood

We did say we were going to keep featuring creepy ads until Halloween. We’re sticking to that with today’s Watch.

Xfinity has jumped into the fright fest ads with their own 5-minute long film. This one features an evil mask that infects anyone who wears it. It’s a simple concept, but it’s done so well that you hardly realize you’re watching an ad.

Okay, that’s not entirely true because some of the product placement shots feel a little bit forced. But, we really loved this ad overall. Seems like we’re just suckers for anything creepy.

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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